A necessary ‘evil’ that’s nice to play


Game Name:Resident Evil 3

The possibility of a Resident Evil 3 remake has been maybe one of the worst kept secrets in video games. Leak upon leak told us this was coming, but we finally got to see it for ourselves. During PlayStation’s last 2019 State of Play, they finally revealed the heavily anticipated Resident Evil 3 remake. Moreover, they revealed the multiplayer title, Project Resistance would be a free mode within Resident Evil 3: Nemesis’s remake.

The Resident Evil 3 remake was shown during PlayStation’s State of Play via Twitch Dec. 10, 2019. During the events of the stream, Resident Evil 3 got a long-awaited trailer to show it at long last. A fresh trailer revealed the reimagined journey of Jill Valentine out of Racoon City in the midst of full chaos and being chased by the deadly Nemesis creature.

As an aside, we learned that Project Resistance will not be its own game, but rather a free mode that will come with Resident Evil 3 and that the whole package will launch on April 3, 2020.

It wasn’t long ago that Resident Evil 3: Re-make started becoming a pretty obvious possibility. What started as a 2020 launch rumor going around from several sources turned into a full-on leak when the game’s listing on the PlayStation Store was discovered early, revealing cover art and character designs of Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, and Nemesis.

Now, with full confirmation, it looks like we can look forward with full certainty to the follow-up to 2019’s very impressive Resident Evil 2 remake.

After all, RE2make garnered a huge following of love for its performance, including a high-scoring review at Shacknews and several nominations for The Game Awards 2019.

The surprising part for sure was finding out that Project Resistance would be a free part of Resident Evil 3’s remake. Though a multiplayer game sounded interesting, it’s infinitely easier to get into it if it will come along with RE3make.

Are you ready to jump back into the world of horror with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis? Are you going to be jumping into Project Resistance?

It appears we won’t have to wait long with an April 2020 date in the cards.