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Name: Alan Tran
Age: 21
Occupation: Server at Michelle’s
Hobbies: Cars, basketball and studying
Year, Make, Model: 2017 Subaru BRZ
Color: Lavender Turquoise Color Shift
Engine: Invidia N1 Cat Back, Invidia over pipe
Interior: Raceseng Weighted shift knob, Bride Stradia II Japan Venus seats
Exterior: Widebody – Pandem Rocket Bunny V3 complete, Downstar Performance fenders and hardware, Valenti Third brake light, Rexspeed wide-angle mirrors, Oracal two-tone color shift vinyl wrap, Battle Aero V3 chassis mount spoiler, LED glow, Valenti taillights Revo 3 (sequential)
Suspension: Air Lift Performance full air suspension including Air Lift performance 3H management, two 444c air compressors, two 5-gallon air tanks, Whiteline Performance endlinks
Wheels and tires: Avant Garde F420s 18-by-10.5 front, 18-by-12 rear Avant Garde F420s, Michellin PS2 Tires, Project Kics R40 lugnuts

Alan Tran was not always a “car person.” In fact, when he originally purchased this 2017 BRZ he planned to keep it stock and, perhaps, modify it in a couple years — maybe. However, fate forced his hand late one night on the highway as his front bumper impaled itself upon mangled parts leftover from someone else’s wreck. With the trigger pretty much pulled for him, Alan proceeded to go every which way. The end result is an electrifying widebody goodness wrapped in lavender turquoise splendor.

If there’s one thing that cars do, it’s bring people together. And Tran’s BRZ did just that. His ride wasn’t built by a shop; it was built with blood, sweat and tears from three friends with a mutual obsession for modifying. Tran along with Makoa Doo and Darrell Delmundo spent hours toiling away, marking, cutting and attaching the extremely elaborate widebody kit piece by piece. In the end, Tran saved a ton of money on labor while creating a true work of automotive art.

The Pandem V3 Aero kit is a massive collection of aerodynamic improvements that turn the sporty BRZ exterior into something straight off the racetrack. Additionally, Downstar Performance fenders and hardware have been integrated into the kit for additional “wow factor.” Throw in some Rexspeed wide-angle mirrors and the resulting body morph is a true showstopper. This car looks incredible from all angles. A choice Valenti Third brake light and sequential taillights bring up the rear while the Battle Aero V3 Chassis mounted spoiler gives an incredible amount of downforce for the rear wheels.

What makes this kit stand out even further is the exceptional color shift wrap by Tokyo Auto. Every component was meticulously wrapped and heated to fit perfectly. The body now cascades from a deep shade of lavender to a glistening turquoise depending on the angle of strike. 

The jaw-dropping wheels were custom ordered from Avant Garde. These are serious money — we’re talking thousands of dollars, per wheel. Thanks to a mutual understanding, the wheels were partially sponsored in a deal that left Tran amazingly grateful and sporting some of the sickest shoes in existence. Thanks to the widebody kit, this ride can sport some sizeable 18-by-10.5s in the front and monstrous 18-by-12s in the rear.

It’s almost hard to believe that this BRZ is practically daily driven. Maybe that’s why Tran chose to roll with an Air Lift Performance kit that includes performance 3H management. The ride drops low and rides high thanks to two 444c air compressors connected to two 5-gallon air tanks. Whiteline Performance end links keep everything in check.

Currently, the engine is mildly modified but major plans are in the works to help amplify the go with the already impressive show. An Invidia N1 catback and over-pipe help to supplement the current power levels for the BRZ. The interior cockpit features a weighted shift knob for quicker shifts from Raceseng, and Bride Stradia II Japan Venus seats for holding power.
Although there is still room to grow, what Tran has put together is a true vision. “I never thought I’d be a car person, but seeing how this car affects people is nice. This is my dream car and it makes me feel really good that people enjoy what I’ve done with it,” shared Tran.