Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Lovella Salvosa

WHAT TURNS ME ON: A sense of humor, and masculinity

Hottie of the Week: Keri Kougs

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Give me humor, quick wit and intelligence, and you’ll instantly have my heart. Give me realness and honesty, and I’m yours forever.

Hottie of the Week: Michelle

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Go-getters. And also, those who actually make moves and achieve the things they strive for.

Hottie of the Week: Candice

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Traveling, music, dance, stage, food and deep intellectual conversations

Hottie of the Week: Kayla Kilaulani

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Ambition and intelligence

Hottie of the Week: Kaleihua Vierra

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Good hygiene, kindness, ambition and having my coffee ready.

Top 10 Hotties of 2017

Here are your top 10 ‘Most Viewed’ Hotties of 2017! #10. Debby #9. Liz Hou #8. Sarah Kholos #7. Oxana Bless #6. Kimberlyn Alvarez #5. Audrey Lin #4. Jaime Ernestberg #3. Skandal Lush #2. Ritsuko Sarah #1. Florence Lydia Villanueva

Hottie of the Week: Aesha Raider

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Guys who are a gentlemen and when someone cares about the little things.

Hottie of the Week: Jasmine Francesca

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Someone who can keep me laughing.

Hottie of the Week: Kealohi

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Confidence, men who can appreciate an intelligent lady, someone who is not afraid to try new things