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Paige FTW: An Ode To The Witcher Novels

The announcement that two Nier: Automata novels would be making their way to America got me thinking about the finest video game novels of all time: The Witcher.

The broad approach to America works wonders in ‘The Crew 2’

Everything is bigger in America. The cars and the fast food come super-sized. Its mountain ranges dwarf the peaks of most countries. The lakes are great and the canyons are grand.

Paige FTW: Tablet Gaming

I don’t play games on my phone or my tablet — not for very long, anyway. Oh, as regular readers well know, I take my turns dabbling in the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon Shuffle with bright, feverish passion.

Imagination, randomness and pirates drive ‘Sea of Thieves’

The studio made a gardening game of all things with “Viva Pinata.” The team followed that up with “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts,” a title that lets players create their own vehicles. “Kinect Sports” allowed the developer to experiment with the motion controls on the Xbox 360.

Paige FTW: Do Games Have Real-life Effects?

British newspapers reported last week that a 15-year-old boy committed suicide in February after playing Doki Doki Literature Club — and the boy’s father is claiming that the game is to blame.

Game review: ‘The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit,’ the power of imagination

“The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit” takes the “Life is Strange” series from teenage angst to childlike imagination. How well does Dontnod Entertainment approach this transition? Our review.

Paige FTW: A Return To Linearity

Modern gaming has embraced the open-world model wholeheartedly. Beyond a few outliers like The Last of Us: Part II, E3 was dominated by a new generation of “go wherever you want” titles that promise more player freedom than ever before.

Game preview: ‘Tetris Effect’ building blocks of virtual reality

“Tetris” comes to virtual reality for the first time and not only does it feel good, it feels good enough to justify picking up a PlayStation VR on its own. Shacknews goes eyes-on at E3 2018.

Paige FTW: E3 2018: Depth, But Not Breadth

There were very few new announcements to come out of E3 this year. Instead, developers doubled down on already announced titles. I guess the bright side is that we (should) have a lot to imminently look forward to? Here are my personal highlights.

Game review: ‘Vampyr,’ suck the fun into everything

What type of vampire would you be? This is what DontNod Entertainment, the team behind the critically acclaimed and fan-adored “Life Is Strange” games, gives you a chance to answer in “Vampyr.” In this new experience, players take on the role of newly born vampire Jonathan Reid.