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PaigeFTW: In Defense of Vaan

One of the most frequent complaints about Final Fantasy XII is its protagonist, Vaan, and how just about everyone hates him.

Classic game ‘Mega Man Legacy Collection 2,’ sticks too deep to its roots

Capcom’s latest four-game set collects one exception game and three passable ones, which might not be enough for fans who got their fill of the character years ago.
“Mega Man Legacy Collection 2” is a collection of some old games and some newer games modeled after older ones.

PaigeFTW: A Decade Later, ‘Final Fantasy XII’ Still Shines

This is a story that thrives on politics, where personal angst and discovery is quietly put aside for the interests of empires. Ivalice may well be the most thoughtfully rendered of all Final Fantasy’s worlds, with multiple races, religions and regions — and a long and sprawling history that renders even these heroes as mere blips in time.

‘Black the Fall,’ escape the iron fist

At first glance, “Black the Fall” comes off as “Inside’s” estranged cousin. Both are moody puzzle platformers that share a similar tone and minimalist aesthetic. What sets “Black the Fall” apart is its historical inspiration based on the implications of real-world politics.

PaigeFTW: A Reseller’s Paradise

I recently purged some of my physical game collection. I am an idealist, but even I have to admit that it’s unlikely that I am going to spend 30 hours playing an obscure, 12-year-old JRPG for the Nintendo DS anytime soon.

‘Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles’ A mild, gentle breeze

“Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles” is interesting in that there’s no combat, no dire conflict, and no inherent risk.

PaigeFTW: A Quiet SDCC For Gamers

Truthfully, I’m not quite prepared for this week’s column. I have a problem, you see — Stardew Valley. Two straight weeks of farming madness have consumed me. I haven’t watched TV. I haven’t watched a movie. I haven’t touched any other games. I just spend all my conceivable free time farming away.

‘Splatoon 2,’ Nintendo gives its family friendly shooter a fresh coat of ink

By combining engrossing gameplay with unique objectives and a fun aesthetic, Nintendo successfully cultivated the original “Splatoon” into a hit. With “Splatoon 2,” much of what made the first game good is wisely kept, while new ideas and modes make for a much stronger experience out of the gate.

PaigeFTW: Disney’s True King

It may seem strange in a conference otherwise dominated by Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars, but the title that attracted the loudest cheers at the Level Up! Video Game Showcase of Disney’s D23 Expo 2017 was Kingdom Hearts III.

Dark Souls gets some deadly competition

The game “Nioh” borrows heavily from other games that have inspired it, like “Dark Souls” and “Diablo.” Despite the foundation coming from familiar stock, the title manages to differentiate itself with complex combat, a mission system that fosters replayability, and creative customization.