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Paige FTW: Should Loot Boxes Be Banned?

As we continue our deep dive into the murky seas of downloadable content, we run into a great beast of the deep: the loot box.

Game review: ‘Resident Evil Revelations Collection,’ old dog, new tricks

“Resident Evil” has made its Nintendo Switch debut, and though that’s something we’d normally be very excited about, in this case the Switch’s reputation as a port machine is holding up true. “Resident Evil Revelations,” both games 1 and 2, are enhanced versions of the titles that landed on the Nintendo 3DS in 2012 (in the case of the original “Revelations”) and the episodic “Revelations 2” adventures that graced various consoles 2015.

Paige FTW: My Kingdom For Some DLC

Heralded strategy franchise Civilization will see a big expansion in February in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall, which promises new additions like governors, city loyalty, Dark Ages, stronger alliances, world emergencies and more. It all sounds very fun and complex and kind of overwhelming.

Game review: ‘Doom’ on Nintendo Switch, what a time to be alive

Nintendo Switch continues its amazing launch year with a great parade of amazing third party titles. Later this month, we will see Rocket League release on the convergence device.

Paige FTW: ‘Animal Crossing’ Comes Home On Mobile

I know I say this every time, but this time, this time for really real, I think Nintendo has hit a home run with its latest mobile incarnation of a hallowed franchise.

‘Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon,’ sun-drenched shores and moonlit paths

“Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon” have descended upon players, providing a fresh take on all of the Alola region action that 3DS owners first sampled when the original “Sun and Moon” titles released in November of last year.

Paige FTW: ‘The World’ Is A Different Place

I was a big fan of the .hack games back in my formative years. The original tetralogy captured the feel and look of an MMORPG, and pioneered the “extended universe” model so enjoyed by so many franchises today.

Game Review: ‘Star Wars Battlefront II,’ takes players to the dark side of gaming

“Star Wars Battlefront II” is big, bombastic, and fun. During its first week, it was also diseased by an insidious microtransaction model that created an uneven battlefield, favoring those willing to spend real money to gain an edge over players who are just here to enjoy the “Star Wars” experience.

Paige FTW: Horror Where You Least Expect It

Doki Doki Literature Club (free to play on Steam) has been taking the internet by storm, so to speak. It’s a delightful, Western-made subversion of the traditional treacly Japanese visual novel, with tendrils that snake into genuine, disturbing horror. It may not get you the way a zombie would, but oh, you do feel scared all the same.

Game review: ‘Need For Speed: Payback,’ wrong way

Racing simulators are thriving within the genre these days, but arcade racers offer a brief respite from the tighter sim experiences and will always have a home with casual gamers. “Need For Speed” is a long-running series that has taken on many forms throughout its history, with its latest entry adopting the high-octane drama you’d find in summer blockbusters.