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PaigeFTW: ‘Tekken 7’ Refines The Formula

Tekken 7 is all about incremental change. What was introduced in 1994 is still recognizably the same in 2017, with the same faces, even, bouncing around.

‘The Sexy Brutale,’ in the shadows of murder

Cavalier Game Studios and Tequila Works have joined together to bring us The Sexy Brutale, a delightful murder mystery that features stylish cartoon violence. You’ll relive the same day where the guests at the casino mansion — The Sexy Brutale — are murdered by the staff in a “Groundhog’s Day” sort of fashion.

PaigeFTW: E3 Recap: You Win, Nintendo

Well, here I am with egg on my face after E3. That’s what I get for hating on Nintendo, clearly. Nevertheless, it was a rather lackluster year overall — it was largely a rehash of last year’s big announcements (now with release windows and less hype). But let’s go through the biggest and most pressing announcements.

Game Review: RiMe

Let me preface this review by stating that RiME isn’t for everyone. It’s a slow, solemn puzzle platformer that requires a lot of patience. If you aren’t a fan of the genre, you won’t be able to extract the full experience that the game has to offer. Additionally, among the top questions asked in relation to RiME is whether or not it’s worth purchasing on the Nintendo Switch.

PaigeFTW: Pokemon News Fails To Excite

Seven generations in, Pokemon might be running out of names. Fans were hopeful that the pre-E3 Pokemon Direct would feature the much-rumored Pokemon Stars — a bold debut for these pocket monsters on a home console in a brand-new adventure set in Alola (not unlike what happened between Black/White and their sequels).

Not much new with ‘Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers’

By Ozzie Mejia | (TNS) Platform: Nintendo Switch Genre: Fighting Modes: Single-player, multiplayer Developer: Capcom While the Nintendo Switch represents Nintendo’s console future, its early lineup features a jump into the fighting game genre’s past. Fighting games don’t get more classic than Street Fighter II, which is why Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final […]

PaigeFTW: ‘Far Cry 5’ Gets Political

The news that Far Cry was dropping its exotic settings for somewhere a little closer to home was met with … well, we’ll call it backlash.

Stacked against all odds: ‘Destiny 2’ rebuilds on a firm foundation

By Steve Watts | (TNS) Activision’s official promotion for Destiny 2 started with one simple premise: you’d be starting anew. A mad villain had destroyed the Last City, and in the process, taken all of your player progress and hard-earned gear. The message was unmistakable: this was to be a fresh beginning for players, […]

PaigeFTW: ‘Episode Gladiolus’ Is Lame

A few things fell by the wayside in the Great Persona Madness of 2017 — and by that I mean I ignored just about everything that wasn’t Persona 5.

The fight against all injustice

The Caped Crusader and the billionaire. The last survivor of Krypton and the reporter. Most of DC Comics’ heroes lead double lives, all in an attempt to blend into society as seemingly ordinary people who don masks when trouble arises.