A new sport rockets out of radio-controlled chaos

July 31, 2015

Play a few “Rocket League” matches and you see more than a few similarities between the game’s RC-car action and pre-K level soccer. A mass of players follows the ball wherever it rolls, teammates steal from each other, and accidental own-goal shots are almost expected.

PaigeFTW: Can a game be too long?

July 24, 2015

If you asked me what I’ve been playing lately, the answer would pretty much just be The Witcher 3. Though I’ve managed to briefly pull myself away from this behemoth of a game for snippets of time with Muramasa: The Demon Blade (while on a trip, forced away from my PS4), otherwise it’s been all Geralt all the time.

‘Rory McIlroy’ does some things well, but it’s no stand out

July 24, 2015

EA Sports’ franchises haven’t always had easy transitions to new systems. “Rory McIlroy PGA Tour” debut isn’t as bare as last year’s “NHL 15,” nor as unplayable as “Madden NFL 06” was last generation, but its charms are limited. It does some things well, but they aren’t enough to make it stand out.

PaigeFTW: Thank you, Iwata-san

July 17, 2015

Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata died July 11 of complications from a bile duct tumor. His recent medical issues were no secret — he even updated his Mii to reflect his weight loss — but his passing still caught the gaming community by surprise.

Disney and Square Enix’s epic action/RPG looks better than ever

July 17, 2015

If you loved last year’s “Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix,” you’re in for even more of a treat this time around. In that package you got the excellent original game alongside the less thrilling “Chain of Memories” and a movie version of 358/2 Days.

Pillars of Eternity a return to the Baldur’s Gate-style RPG

July 10, 2015

Old genres don’t really die out. They just fall out of vogue and lay dormant, waiting for their time to come again. A new generation of gamers could rediscover it or older fans may decide to pour money into a project that brings back a piece of their childhood.

PaigeFTW: No gaming guarantees with Kickstarter

July 3, 2015

Gamers like sequels. It’s a fact. Knowing that at least one new Assassin’s Creed game has come out every year since 2007 is comforting, as Ubisoft makes minute adjustments to the already successful formula.

Little Tweaks Make for ‘Ultimate Evil’ Fun

July 3, 2015

Two years is a long time in video games, and it’s rare that a release so far out from its original incarnation can generate excitement. However, Blizzard’s constant improvements and adjustments have led to a stellar port to new-gen consoles, including the complete experience available on PC, plus several smart bonus features.

NHL 15 fails to score

June 26, 2015

During the transition to the PS3/360 from the prior generation, EA Sports made a gross miscalculation in stripping many long-established modes from the new versions of its games.