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PaigeFTW: 20 Years of ‘Harvest Moon’

Farm simulator games are all the rage in every era. Stardew Valley may be attracting the hype these days, but let us not forget its clear inspiration, Harvest Moon, which celebrates this year the 20th anniversary since its North American release on the SNES.

‘Titanfall 2’ strikes a fine balance

When the first “Titanfall” was released, it garnered praise for pitting players against each other in the future as wall-running, submachine gun-toting pilots capable of calling down and controlling massive mechanized death machines.

PaigeFTW: How Nintendo Finally Got Me

I managed to resist Pokemon Go. I never even touched Super Mario Run. But they say third time’s the charm, and at last, Nintendo has ensnared me in its mobile grip: Fire Emblem Heroes is my new addiction.

Dark Souls gets some deadly competition

The game “Nioh” borrows heavily from other games that have inspired it, like “Dark Souls” and “Diablo.” Despite the foundation coming from familiar stock, the title manages to differentiate itself with complex combat, a mission system that fosters replayability, and creative customization.

Robots gone wild in classic cyberpunk-themed shooter

Released in 2011, “Hard Reset” is a dedicated PC first person shooter that draws inspiration from other classic shooters like “Quake,” “Painkiller,” and “DOOM.”

PaigeFTW: Post-mortem of a King

An adequate amount of time has passed for us to discuss Final Fantasy XV with spoilers — it’s been two months, so yes, the window has closed. Proceed with caution.

Franchise In Need Of A Refresh Goes Back To Its Roots

It seems almost surreal to finally be writing a “Resident Evil 7” review, but here we are. Ever since the “Resident Evil” franchise strayed from the well-worn path of survival horror around “Resident Evil 4’s” debut, series purists have practically begged Capcom to return to the game’s roots.

PaigeFTW: A Familiar New Year

I was going to devote this week’s column space to naming some of my most anticipated titles for next year, but I think that you could probably guess them all without me needing to say (Persona 5 tops the list, to make a long story short).

Traveling through space on a beautiful side mission

In its finest moments, “No Man’s Sky” is a sublime exploration of the infinitude of space, the beauty and variation of nature, and a quiet contemplation on loneliness.

PaigeFTW: Swipe Right for ‘Reigns’

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results, right? It’s a conceit well utilized in Reigns, a simple adventure game with a very clever gimmick.