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PaigeFTW: The Failure of Pet Simulators

We all let those poor things live the same cursed life, didn’t we? We took tender, loving care of them for the first three days, as they transformed from amiable blobs to ugly teenagers to … well, whatever their adult form turned out to be (I always got the duck-looking Tamagotchi).

Game Review: ‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War,’ a sandbox for predators

Orcs scatter as my drake makes another pass over the fortress, breathing fire into their ranks as they scramble to cover. I leap off and dive hundreds of feet, landing in a shockwave that scatters allies and foes alike.

PaigeFTW: ‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Is Just Darn Good

I never was much of a Lara Croft fan back in her pointy boob days, but she piqued my interest after her gritty reboot back in 2013. I picked it up on sale and was enthralled for a good month.

‘FIFA 18,’ Alex Hunter makes his mark again

Alex Hunter’s adventures as an up-and-coming player in the glamorous world of football continue in the Hunter Returns story mode, and while the game adds little touches to its other modes, this is “FIFA 18’s” major piece of business in the offseason transfer window.

PaigeFTW: The Shelf Life of DLC

In this age of day-one patches and data installations, there’s no such thing as just “starting” a new game. I had the idea that I would finally get around to Rise of the Tomb Raider — at least until a 2 GB patch persuaded me otherwise.

Preview: ‘Planet of the Apes’ game is the interactive movie evolved

“Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier” is an odd bird. Despite giving players the agency to affect the world and story, it’s not a traditional video game, and with its hyper-realistic visuals, it’s not a movie.

PaigeFTW: Slow Going At Tokyo Game Show

I used to remember Tokyo Game Show as an especially exciting time of year. Looking over this year’s conference, I can’t imagine why I ever felt that way. Nevertheless, there were a few gems of note amidst the desert sands.

Game Review: ‘Destiny 2’ a smart streamlining online game

Bungie took a big chance when it chose to reset three years of progress and start all players, new and returning alike, at ground zero for “Destiny 2.”

PaigeFTW: The Saddest Game I Ever Played

I’ve cried in many a game, but no game ever coerced my tears so well as Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Music in the cards for ‘Rock Band’ creator with “DropMix” phone/board game

Harmonix has made an indelible mark on pop culture, but 10 years after its heyday, the creator of “Guitar Hero” and “Rock Band” is still looking for its next big hit.