‘Kingdom’ a lavish dressing on a familiar formula

January 16, 2015

Few mobile game franchises get me as excited as “Kingdom Rush.” The childlike fantasy characters hide a sophisticated and intricately balanced tower defense experience that holds up under multiple difficulty settings and supports a variety of play strategies.

‘Talos’ is a piece of art that manages to entertain and challenge

January 2, 2015

While you could argue that all narratives strive to deliver some kind of moral, social, or psychological message, most games are more concerned with empowering the player or delivering an awe-inspiring spectacle than they are communicating any meaningful message.

A Smash-ing Good Time for Gamers

December 5, 2014

There are eight of us crammed in the living room, which is now dominated by a rat’s nest of cords. After navigating a few menus, we’re transported from this chaos to someplace different, but familiar: Onett.

‘Far Cry 4’ sticks to a familiar tempo

November 28, 2014

The “Far Cry” series, while generally being well regarded over the course of its three main entries, hasn’t stuck to a particular formula when it comes to story or mechanics.