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Paige FTW: Storytelling Done Right

Mass Effect and Dragon Age are both too reliant on player-induced variables to offer truly coherent narratives.

Satirical empire-building, Hawaii style

Shakedown: Hawaii is a work of sarcasm inspired by Grand Theft Auto. Knowing this will make it clear to the player that this is a subtlety-free zone. After all, 2019 is not exactly a year that’s celebrating nuance, what with our always-on-edge political discourse, loud superhero films and violent fantasy shows.

Paige FTW: Serial Storytelling Woes

A spate of unsatisfying series finales — Kingdom Hearts III, Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones (OK, that last one isn’t done but the buildup hasn’t exactly been inspiring)— has me thinking about another weird series: Final Fantasy XIII and its related sequels.

Adding flexibility to ‘Dark Souls’-style play

Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC Genre: Action role-playing Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Developer: Bandai Namco Studio Rating: M, for mature  By Gieson Cacho // The Mercury News (TNS) Dark Souls has grown popular enough that it has spawned its own subgenre. Several games ape its slow-paced combat systems and rigid progression system, but few bring […]

Paige FTW: The Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Mobile

The true mark of a successful franchise is its ability to translate that success to other platforms. Game of Thrones, cultural juggernaut that it is, has done … OK by that front. It’s not perfect.

Bringing survival horror to the open world

Days Gone is defined by a number. It’s the time that that the protagonist, Deacon St. John, has been apart from his wife — 730 days and counting.

Paige FTW: What Brings Us Together

At this precise cultural moment, there are two things that matter: Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones. All else gives way before these two titans of pop culture. The whole of the internet is devoted to discussing, parsing and speculating what will happen next or why this happened or what have you. I am no exception to this rule.

Here’s a nearly perfect controller for the PlayStation 4

Microsoft didn’t invent the pro-style controller, but the company did popularize it. The success of its Xbox Elite gamepad showed that demand was strong for a premium controller, one that had more customization options and features than a stock version.

Paige FTW: Lara Croft Fights Her ‘Shadow’

As usual, I’m about six months late to the party, but I finally got around to playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider last week.

Update serves as refresher course for all levels of fighting fans

Fighting games may be simple in concept, but they’re incredibly complicated. Beneath the hood of combat lies a complex web of frame data and hit boxes.