PaigeFTW: How To Finish All Your Games, Part Two

October 2, 2015

When you’re behind on a TV show, all you need is time to binge your way through it. But it’s not that simple for video games. A few people offered me advice as to how to reduce the backlog faster …

Bungie creates magic in year two of ‘Destiny’

October 2, 2015

“Destiny” might be one of the most polarizing games of the 21st century. The original product and its follow-up expansions (“The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves”) established a base of players who love the game, but naysayers were quick to point out the game’s many shortcomings.

PaigeFTW: How to Finish All Your Games, Part One

September 25, 2015

What was I doing all this time? Well, The Witcher 3 took at least two months for a thorough playthrough. I derailed for a while with some Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC (Trespasser is worth it for everyone; The Descent is for diehard fans).

PaigeFTW: Tokyo Game Show 2015 Recap

September 18, 2015

E3 may be where the big bombs drop, but Tokyo Game Show is generally the last big hurrah of Japanese developers before the holiday AAA-title maelstrom begins. Here are a few nuggets of note:

‘South Park’ invades video games with a faithful and funny adaptation

September 18, 2015

In the 17 years that “South Park” has been on the air, it’s never received a video game treatment that felt like more than a quick cash-in on the name. With “The Stick of Truth,” the residents of the sleepy mountain town have finally arrived on the gaming scene with the franchise’s humor intact.

PaigeFTW: ‘Pokemon Shuffle’: Worse Than Drugs

September 11, 2015

As a general rule, I try to steer clear of mobile games. I was never into Candy Crush, and Tsum Tsum fails to hold my interest for longer than half a level. I’m not a big fan of puzzle games as a whole, but I get particularly frustrated with the freemium model most of these titles utilize.

An upward slope of charm and challenge

September 11, 2015

Kirby has always moved at a slower pace compared to the platforming members of his extended Nintendo family, like Donkey Kong and Mario.

Follow girlish dreams in ‘Amnesia: Memories’

September 4, 2015

I don’t mean the absurd, self-aware kind like Hatoful Boyfriend (which we talked about back in July). I mean the real kind, the ones that send women on the Internet into paroxysms of rapture.

‘Metal Gear’ is a legend worth waiting for

September 4, 2015

“Metal Gear” is a member of video gaming’s old guard. It has been consistently popular since its inception in the ’80s, which is a rare distinction it shares with revered names like “Mario” and “Zelda.” Unlike its peers, “Metal Gear” has been telling a continuous story the whole time — a major strength and a strange weakness all at once.