Game On

Paige FTW: Tablet Gaming

I don’t play games on my phone or my tablet — not for very long, anyway. Oh, as regular readers well know, I take my turns dabbling in the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon Shuffle with bright, feverish passion.

Web-slinging ‘Spidey’ adventure might be best game this year

The Peter Parker that Insomniac Games and Marvel Entertainment have crafted in the new “Spider-Man” game is nothing like the one we’ve seen in previous games, or in the many movies.

Paige FTW: When Gaming Turns Reality

British newspapers reported in June that a 15-year-old boy committed suicide in February after playing Doki Doki Literature Club — and the boy’s father is claiming that the game is to blame.

Original feel of first game enhanced in sequel

Sega has teased “Valkyria Chronicles” fans for a decade. They wanted a sequel and the company released two of them, but unfortunately, the follow-ups were on the Playstation Portable.

Paige FTW: ‘Food Fantasy’ missing some ingredients

Sometimes, we all give into our weaknesses. And when I saw repeated Instagram ads for a very aesthetically pleasing mobile game called Food Fantasy that featured beautiful human incarnations of different foods, I found myself … piqued, almost against my will.

Super-powered fighting game is action packed

After “Naruto,” one of the next big franchises coming out Japan has to be “My Hero Academia.” The series has the familiar tropes that have come to dominate the genre. Instead of ninjas, this game is about people with superpowers. The abilities known as quirks are varied and widespread. In this society, several schools have sprouted up to teach generation of students how to use their abilities.

Paige FTW: Reboot Me

Reboots, remakes and adaptations are the lifeblood of pop culture in 2018. In a world where “live-action Dora the Explorer” is a real, actual thing, how can you be surprised? The recent flurry of movie and TV reboots (live-action Lady and the Tramp? A “darker” Sabrina the Teenage Witch?) have left video game reboots looking […]

Prevent ‘Ragnarok’ in Nordic folklore adventure

Activision-owned mobile game giant King has released its first game aimed squarely at traditional gamers. “Legend of Solgard” is set within the fantasy realm of Nordic folklore and follows the journey of Embla through the game’s nine massive worlds as she fights to prevent Ragnarok.

Paige FTW: Kingdom Hearts World Tour

Video game-themed concerts are few and far between here in Hawaiʻi. The last one I can remember coming here was The Legend of Zelda’s Symphony of the Goddesses back in 2016.

Digitized popular card game is fast-paced and fun

Despite pioneering the trading card game on paper, Wizards of the Coast has had a rough go of it in the digital space. “Magic: The Gathering Online” hasn’t had wild success mainly because of stability issues and accessibility.