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Ubisoft embraces excess for its latest Tom Clancy shooter

Tom Clancy’s fictional special-forces operation is no stranger to adaptability. Over the course of the franchise’s 15-year history, the interventionist Ghosts have stymied Russian ultranationalists, destabilized the North Korean army, and squelched a Mexican insurgency.

PaigeFTW: Bad Story In The Big City

Instead of enjoying the gaming bounty of March, lush and full as it is with Zelda and Mass Effect, I have been trudging through Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

PAGEFTW: Take A Breath

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been making me nervous. I was expecting to hear that the game was solid, not the Greatest Video Game Of All Time.

Halo Wars 2: ‘Halo Wars’ Sequel Still Carrying the Flame

By Steve Watts | Halo Wars 2 Platforms: Windows, Xbox One Genre: Real-time strategy Mode: Single-player, multiplayer Developer: Microsoft Studios ESRB rating: T, for Teen The game “Halo Wars 2” marks the second time Microsoft has brought on a studio to infuse the Halo universe with the real-time strategy genre, but surprisingly little has […]

PaigeFTW: The Morality of Not Playing

I lost a fantasy football bet with my boyfriend and as penalty had to play a video game of his choosing: Spec Ops: The Line. He touted it as a seemingly generic third-person shooter that was actually an astonishing exercise of morality. I have a lot of thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

Legend of Zelda: A Game for the Ages

Writing a “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” preview is excruciating. Not because the game is bad, but because my impressions of it are so good that I want to talk about it in detail. However, I can’t, this is a preview, and there are embargoes to uphold.

PaigeFTW: New Big Kid Toys at D&B

Arcade gaming in Hawaii is, well, pretty much nonexistent compared to, say, arcade gaming in Japan. Oh, the malls have their token Jungle Zones and Fun Factories, but it’s nothing like the glories of Akihabara.

A Game That Hits The Target

“Sniper Elite 4” isn’t a shooter for everyone, nor does it try to be. Instead, the players who will get the most out of Rebellion Development’s latest entry in the “Sniper Elite” series are those that are willing to wait for the perfect moment to send one bullet flying, the accuracy of which can be the difference between completing or failing a mission.

PaigeFTW: Too Much Game, Not Enough Movie

It’s been well established that Hollywood has not — and may well never — make a good live-action video game adaptation. OK, but how about CG movies commissioned by game developers? Don’t they stand a better chance? Nobody knows the game better, right?

‘Fire Emblem’ Finds Strength in its Simplicity

By Steve Watts | Fire Emblem Heroes Platforms: iOS, Android Genre: Tactical role-playing Mode: Single-player Developers: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo EPD Publisher: Nintendo ESRB rating: E “Fire Emblem Heroes” may not be the full-featured mobile incarnation that lifelong fans were looking for, but it’s exactly what it needs to be. In the days since its […]