Hottie of the Week

Hottie of the Week: Sherrie

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Guys over 6 feet tall with light-colored eyes and a good smile.

Hottie of the Week: Jazmine

WHAT TURNS ME ON: People who are down to do whatever and especially those who I can chat with for hours about anything.

Hottie of the Week: Rusty

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Honesty, ambition and being real. Some biceps wouldn’t hurt either! 

Hottie of the Week: Ginnette Oliberos

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Straightforward communication, cleanliness, organization

Hottie of the Week: Lyn

WHAT TURNS ME ON: An independent guy who knows how to treat a woman right!

Hottie of the Week: Alanna

WHAT TURNS ME ON: That’s for me to know and you find out.

Hottie of the Week: Alex

WHAT TURNS ME ON: I love romance. Take me to a fancy restaurant and wear a nice suit and I will be sure to remember you.

Hottie of the Week: Haley

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Intellect, humor, maturity, tattoos, good hygiene, a nice smile and a sense of fashion.

Hottie of the Week: Leimana

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Someone with a sense of humor and intelligence, is adventurous, affectionate and athletic.

Hottie of the Week: Princess

WHAT TURNS ME ON: Confidence turns me on! Loyalty and respect are definite necessities in a man. I look for drive and the ability to have intellectual conversations.