Grappling Dummy

February 13, 2015

An underused tool in mixed martial arts gyms is the grappling dummy. Most people look at it as something to throw, but there is much more.

Jon Jones’ drug test disappoints rival Gustafsson

January 16, 2015

UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson already wasn’t a big fan of Jon Jones, and the champion’s positive drug test for cocaine use only reinforced the Swedish contender’s opinions.

NFL pass-rushers turn to martial arts tactics

January 2, 2015

Ware is part of a growing number of NFL pass rushers who have adopted the grappling and striking techniques of MMA. It helps them outmaneuver the ever-expanding 330-pound tackles and get to the ever-quicker quarterbacks before they can throw the football.

MMA fighters file antitrust lawsuit against UFC

December 19, 2014

Mixed martial arts fighters filed an antitrust lawsuit against the Ultimate Fighting Championship on Tuesday, alleging the organization is a monopoly that chokes off competition, crushes athletes’ earnings and controls the right to market their names even after their deaths.