Here’s a nearly perfect controller for the PlayStation 4

By Gieson Cacho //The Mercury News (TNS)

Microsoft didn’t invent the pro-style controller, but the company did popularize it. The success of its Xbox Elite gamepad showed that demand was strong for a premium controller, one that had more customization options and features than a stock version.

Part of what’s driving that is the rise of esports and companies are capitalizing on that. Noting the situation, Sony is taking a different tack. Instead of creating its own pro-style devices, it is letting other peripheral makers create their own pro-style devices.

One of those companies is Astro Gaming with its C40 TR controller. Mostly known for its headsets, Astro has an overlooked history tied to controllers. It had a hand in the creation of the Xbox 360 controller, a device that has become a standard in the industry. The company worked with Microsoft to perfect its excellent shape and trigger buttons.

With the C40, Astro refines ideas taken from the Xbox Elite and Scuf Gaming controllers and expands the customization options, solving durability problems that gamers face. It’s a well-designed device that’s worth its $199 price tag, though it has room for improvement.