Hottie of the Week: Alexis-Tayler Ahakuelo


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HOTTIE OF THE WEEK: Alexis-Tayler Ahakuelo
HEIGHT:  5’-1”
HOT BOD NUMBERS: 32-26-Awesome
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese and Spanish ethnicities.
MY RIDE: Nissan Altima.
WHAT I WATCH:  Hawai’i 5-0, of course.
BOOK IT: All-time favorite book would be The Tattoo by Chris McKinney. Another good read is Daily Blogs by Keoni Payton.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: I love The Steppas.
TURN ONS:  Someone who is independent, ambitious, stays humble and loves the Lakers!
TURN OFFS: Guys who aren’t goal-orientated are pretty unattractive.
FAVE FOOD: Sushi at Sushi San
SOMETHING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU: I love the sound of turbo spooling!
HAIR & MAKEUP: Lore Bright @loreisfabulous
WARDROBE: Farmers Market Hawaii Kai aka the Pineapple Clan.
AGENCY: Larson Talent

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