Hottie of the Week: Danae Kensington


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Height: 5’-5”
Hod Bod Numbers: 34-28-34
What I’m made of: German and Native American ethnicities.
My ride: I drive a standard Mini Cooper S.
The Show Must Go On: HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Can’t wait for the new season to start in April!
Book it: My favorite series is The Clan of the Cave Bear. I love historical fiction!
Music to my ears: I could listen to Alicia Keys and Beyonce all day. Both are incredibly strong and driven women.
Place to party: You can usually find me at Addiction or Bar 7, but I’ll have fun anywhere as long as the company is good.
Fave food: Can’t go wrong with Thai food or Udon.
Turn ons: A guy with confidence, who fights for what he wants.
Turn offs: A guy who is insecure or too clingy!
Something no one knows about you: I’m super nerdy! I love reading and studying, and I’m in honor societies.

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