Hottie of the Week: Desiree’ Cabinatan


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I say 4’12” but it’s more commonly known as 5’0″
Ethnicity: I’m a beautiful mix of Mexican, Chinese, and Filipino
What’s your ride: I don’t have my own car but my dream ride is a ’79 Pontiac Trans Am
Favorite TV Show/Movie: I like to watch history documentaries/ but my favorite movie is Bruce Lee – Enter the Dragon
Favorite Read/Book: I love Sun- Tzu’s “Art of War” and all of Ellen Hopkins books
Favorite music/song/group or singer: I can listen to any genre of music as long as it has a good beat
Favorite place to party: I actually don’t have a favorite place to party
Favorite food: I love anything with steak and seafood
Turn ons: High self-esteem, sense of style, athletic, goal-oriented, street smart as well as book smart, outgoing, into cars, video games, and comic books.
Turn offs: Lack of confidence, shy, self-absorbed, jealous-type, lack of ambition, clingy and over protective
Something no one knows about you: I like to wear the pants in my relationships. I like to treat my man good by taking care of him, making him dinner, playing video games with him- being his best friend and his girlfriend. It’s hard for me to be spoiled because I’ve always worked for what I wanted and where I want to be.

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