Hottie of the Week: Kat Menor


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Hottie of the Week: Kat Menor
I’M MADE OF: Filipino, Chinese and Spanish ethnicities
WHAT I RIDE: A Honda EG coupe with a SOHC-V motor, but I’d love to own a R34, GTR or project an S13 or S14.
THESE SHOWS MUST GO ON: My must-see TV watch list includes Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Last Resort. (Watch it! You may see me in the back- ground.) As for movies, I love those that make me laugh or have a good story.
TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: I love tuner, travel and art magazines. Oh, and StreetPulse! I can also get nerdy by reading medical, science and history magazines, and journals. I enjoy reading the newspa- per as well.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: I like music that I can dance to or relate my feelings to. I have a wide range of music genres that I like: alternative, R&B, under- ground hip-hop, pop, local, slow jams, electro and classical, just to name a few. I also like listening to guitar or piano instrumental covers.
PLACE TO PARTY: I honestly don’t go out and party. I’d rather have a nice night in watching movies or have a chill night barbecuing with friends/familia. But if I do go out and party, it doesn’t matter where. As long as I’m with good company, then it’s all good.
FAVE FOOD: A lot! Hehe. I love food. Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Mexican, Korean, Filipino, local grinds — you name it, and I’m like, “Let’s go out and eat!”
TURN ONS: People (not just guys) who smile, who can uphold a conversation with me, and are positive and humble. In a man, I look for someone with a good per- sonality, nice smile and/or eyes, someone who is ambitious and has a good head on his shoulders, who can make me laugh, takes good care of himself, treats me with respect, loves me for who I am, has good family values, and is honest and intelli- gent. Loyalty is a big one. Spoil me with loyalty and I can finance myself.
TURN OFFS: People who are conceited or arrogant, who swear too much, have bad hygiene and a lousy attitude. Also, someone who is inconsiderate and has no goals in life or isn’t motivated.
SOMETHING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT YOU: If I told you, then everyone would know! Haha. But a few things some people don’t know about me is that I hate spiders, took AP chemistry in high school, have a 1-year old son, skateboard, do graffiti art (legally!) and in two years, I’ll be your future RN!

AGENCY: Kat M is featured on the Hot Import Nights – Hawaii 2012 event flyer. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @MS_KAYAYETEE #KATM

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