Hottie of the Week: Kealohi


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HEIGHT: 5’3″
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Hawaiian, Chinese, German
WHAT I RIDE: A single-cab, bench seat Toyota Tacoma
WHAT I WATCH: Anything Disney, And Quentin Tarantino – I guess you can say I’m kind of an extremist
WHAT I READ: The Post Secret book series by Frank Warren
FAVORITE PLACE TO PARTY: I’m a mermaid so my idea of a party is a fun day of fishing, diving or surfing. Anything in and around the ocean makes me happy!  
WHAT I EAT: Tropical fruits, homegrown kalo (taro) and fresh fish
WHAT TURNS ME ON: Confidence, men who can appreciate an intelligent lady, someone who is not afraid to try new things
WHAT TURNS ME OFF: Arrogance, being consumed in social media, superficial conversations
SOMETHING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ME: I learned how to speak Hawaiian only a year ago, but only through informal conversation with friends. I have never taken a Hawaiian language class nor spoke it fluently in my life, and now I can teach it!
SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE TAKING ME ON A DATE: I am not afraid to tell you how I am feeling and speak mostly without a filter. I keep it real, always.