Hottie of the Week: Magic


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WHAT I’M MADE OF: Full Filipino
WHAT I WATCH: A lot of YouTube, Buzzfeed, The Try Guys, Liza Koshy
WHAT I READ: I have an app on my phone called Episode with a bunch of stories in it.
WHAT I LISTEN TO: The best female rapper of all time, Honey Cocaine. Her rap name actually means, “sweet and addictive” music.
WHAT I EAT: I literally eat everything and anything, but I don’t know where it all goes.
WHAT TURNS ME ON: I love someone who has a sense of humor – if you can make me laugh, you can make me love you.
WHAT TURNS ME OFF: I hate dirty people. If you can’t even clean a house or keep your body clean, how are you supposed to clean up your life?