Hottie of the Week: Michaela Schmidt


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Hottie of the Week: Michaela Schmidt
Measurements: Hold on and let me get a tape measure. OK, here are the numbers: 34 DD-24-36
Ethnicity: Filipino, Spanish (Basque), Chinese and Marshallese
What’s your ride: CLK 550 Mercedes and FORD 150 Truck
It’s showtime: I love scary, action, thriller movies and comedy flicks.
Book it: I’ve got too many favorite books to list.
Music to my ears: I listen to different types of music and have no preference. It usually depends on my mood that day.
Place to party: All around the world — Hong Kong, Kowloon Bay; Germany, California, San Diego/L.A./San Francisco; Orlando, Fla.; Colorado Springs; Tokyo, Japan; Mexico, the Virgin Islands and, of course, there is no place like home. The cool spots are in downtown Waikiki, where I can enjoy the night with my good friends and family.
Fave food: Anything grilled. Seafood is my favorite. I am crazy about acai bowl/bubble drink and steamed bass fish fillet with soy sauce, green onion and ginger. Chips and salsa with homemade guacamole is also yummy! ­
Something no one knows about you: By trade, I am an aeronautical systems engineer, but what I really love to do counts most because I I enjoy making a difference in people’s, lives, young and old, building their self-esteem from the ground on up, helping them with maximizing their individual and specialized academic goals. When I can see the “light bulb is turned on” and learning took placed to individual that everyone has given up or had once thought it is impossible to reached that level of knowledge- my heart and soul is touched to its CORE.
Turn ons: goal oriented,organize and clean, charismatic, one that you can carry an intellectual conversation, athletic, funny, patient, and must have a personality-water/ocean loving person. The lists goes on and on, but the most important of all the list is a man that appreciates simple things in life, hard working, romantic, self-less, and genuinely value my friendship.
Turn offs: Liars, messy, self-centered, bossy, unorganized, know-it-all kind of a person, and can not carry an intellectual conversation.

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