Hottie of the Week: Ria Christina


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Height: 5’-0”
What I’m made of: Filipino and Irish ethnicities
My ride: Nissan Pathfinder
It’s showtime: I love watching Law & Order: SVU and The First 48 on the tube. And as of right now, my favorite movie is Lawless.
Book it: I wish I could say I have one that I’m reading, but honestly, I just haven’t had the time to complete one in a while.
Music to my ears: I love all kinds of music. As for singers, a few of my favorites are The Weeknd, Childish Gambino, Miguel and Aaliyah. Oh, and John Legend. His song “Tonight” — omg, I love that song!
Place to party: Anywhere that has good wine and fun people!
Dishing it: I’m with the rest of the world when it comes to loving food. But I’d never pass up prime rib and spicy tuna!
Turn ons: Gray V-necks, a nice smile, confidence and tattoos!
Turn offs: Mean and disrespectful people.
Something no one knows about you: I have to wash my feet before getting into bed, even if I’ve already showered. Clean feet and clean bed sheets just go hand in hand.
Hair & Makeup: Me, myself and I. I do know a really good makeup artist named Bailee, though. Check her out at www.baileenakaahiki.com
Agency: Larson Talent

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