Hottie of the Week: Shanda May


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HEIGHT: 5’2″
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipina, Chinese, German and Spanish
WHAT I RIDE: Nissan 350z
WHAT I WATCH: I like comedy and action like Tropic Thunder and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but I watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on the daily … I love Charlie!
WHAT I READ: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
WHAT I LISTEN TO: I have two sides: Lil Wayne and Frank Sinatra
FAVORITE PLACE TO PARTY: I have two sides: Lil Wayne and Frank Sinatra
WHAT I EAT: I’m such a foodie but I love my ramen noodles, poke bowls, and all kind of snacks and sweets.
WHAT TURNS ME ON: Someone who can make me laugh, is honest and confident. I like a gentleman, but also someone who is down to party and have a good time with me. He’s gotta be hard working and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I like someone who knows how to take-care and is good to his parents and family. He has to value respect as much as I do and is ambitious enough to build a stable life with me.
WHAT TURNS ME OFF: People who are rude, cocky for nothing, obnoxious and disrespectful
SOMETHING NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT ME: I ran for Miss Keiki in the Queen Liliuokalani Keiki Hula Competition