Hottie of the Week: Angela Eley


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NAME: Angela Eley
HEIGHT: 5’9″
WHAT I’M MADE OF: African-American and Caucasian
WHAT I RIDE: A Honda Civic named “Lea”
WHAT I WATCH: I watch so many shows, but my favorites are Scandal, Once Upon a Time, House and The Big C. My favorite movies are the Harry Potter ones. I absolutely love Harry Potter!
BOOK IT: The only books I have time for are my textbooks.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: I listen to everything. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, but I do love Bob Marley.
PLACE TO PARTY: Anywhere I can drink, dance, and be surrounded by friends.
FAVE FOOD: I love all kinds of food, but I’d have to say that chili, steak and potatoes are all at the top. And creme brulee for dessert, please!
TURN ONS: Someone who can cook, is articulate, respectful and knows how to act right. But that someone also needs to know to let loose!
TURN OFFS: Someone who is negative, disrespectful, inconsiderate or complains a lot.
SOMETHING FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT ME: I’m deathly afraid of clowns!
AGENCY: Wilhelmina Hawaii
INSTAGRAM: @angela_rachelle_

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