Hottie of the Week: Angelique Rayne


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NAME: Angelique Rayne
HEIGHT: 5’4″
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Filipina and German
WHAT I RIDE: a ’69 Chevy Chevelle
WHAT I WATCH: I enjoy crime dramas, but especially love Dexter
BOOK IT: Unfortunately, between my modeling career and working as a barista, I don’t have much time to read.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: Jack Johnson and The Avett Brothers
PLACE TO PARTY: I am not big on the party scene. I would much rather stay home on the couch and watch a good movie and cuddle.
FAVE FOOD: I love, love, love Italian food but will eat almost anything except olives.
TURN ONS: Good cologne and confidence. A confident guy who smells good is the kind of guy who can win my heart. Being a good dresser helps too.
TURN OFFS: Bad hygiene
SOMETHING FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT ME: I’ve kept it a secret this long, so I’m not gonna tell it now.
AGENCY: Rayne Forrest Modeling
INSTAGRAM: @babyangiiie
FACEBOOK & TWITTER: www.facebook.com/msangeliqueraynemodel & @angeliquerayne

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