Hottie of the Week: Aubrey Song


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HEIGHT: 5’1″
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Portuguese, Hawaiian, Chinese, German, English and Irish.
WHAT I  RIDE: Toyota Tacoma
WHAT I WATCH: The Walking Dead, of course! But my all time favorite movie would have to be The Nightmare Before Christmas.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: Anything and everything! I keep an open mind to all types of music. It just really depends on what kinda mood I’m in.
WHAT I READ: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. Actually, I love any read by Poe. He is a dark writer with eerie novels and I appreciate horror stories.
TURN ONS:  You know that perfect guy that women always complain about wanting? Well, I don’t want that guy. I want the guy who is confident and comfortable in his own skin. And a little bit of weird isn’t bad. I like weird.
TURN OFFS: Guys who depend on social networking in order to game girls or those who take advantage of women for self-confidence points. Respect your woman!
PLACES TO PARTY: Although dancing in clubs is fun, nothing compares to a chill night at my house with close family members and friends. It’s safer and way more fun to be around people I can trust instead of being surrounded by randoms.
FAVE FOOD: Bread and ice cream. They’re definitely the keys to my heart!
SOMETHING FEW KNOW ABOUT ME: It’s all a secret until you get to know me. After all, a woman never reveals her secrets!
AGENCY: Larson Talent

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