Hottie of the Week: Emerald


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NAME: Emerald
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian
WHAT I RIDE: A Nissan Frontier truck
WHAT I WATCH: I love Disney movies! I am currently obsessed with Frozen.
BOOK IT: I don’t have the time or patience to read. The only time I do is when my baby sister asks me to read her a book.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: I’m in love with Ariana Grande’s voice. She’s amazing! But really, any type of  music that can make me feel positive and happy. No sad and depressing love songs for me!
PLACE TO PARTY: Hanging out at the beach with family and friends.
FAVE FOOD: Pho with spring rolls or anything spicy.
TURN ONS: A guy who is drug-free, humble, respectful and has a great sense of humor.
TURN OFFS: A guy without goals, who swears too much and is way too quiet and shy.
SOMETHING FEW KNOW ABOUT ME: I play Rock Band and Guitar Hero at the expert level. No other video games are required!
INSTAGRAM: puananikimiko

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