Hottie of the Week: Nicole Cambron


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HOTTIE NAME: Nicole Cambron
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Filipino, Irish and a little bit of milk tea in my blood 
WHAT I RIDE: Mazda 5
WHAT I WATCH: Mostly Youtube (beauty vloggers) and Grey’s Anatomy
WHAT I LISTEN TO: Chainsmokers, EDM (mostly trap), Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. Honestly, it’s any girl’s basic playlist. 
WHAT I READ:  Instagram captions and tweets 
WHAT I EAT: Filipino food, ramen, Korean BBQ, Italian food, boba (if it counts as food), and chocolate chip cookies.
WHAT TURNS ME ON: Hard-working, goal-oriented types who are selfless and passionate about things they love. 
WHAT TURNS ME OFF: Know-it-alls who are dishonest and close-minded. 
WHAT FEW PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT ME: I have a sloth obsession. I own stuffed sloths, sloth apparel and sloth stickers. You name it, I probably have it. 
FOLLOW ME ON IG: @nicolechanted