Hottie of the Week: Sasha Pukini


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NAME: Sasha Pukini
WHAT I’M MADE OF: Japanese, Chinese, Hawaiian, Caucasian and Korean.
WHAT I RIDE: I drive a 1996 Toyota Corolla. It’s good on gas and the AC works. That’s all I need.
WHAT I WATCH: I just watched Catching Fire, the first movie I’ve seen in about a year. I loved it!
BOOK IT: Anything by Helen Hopkins.
MUSIC TO MY EARS: I love country music—artists such as Luke Bryan, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood.
PLACE TO PARTY: I’m not really a party person at all. I never really got into the whole clubbing scene. I’d rather just kick it with a couple of close friends.
FAVE FOOD: Does coffee ice cream count?
TURN ONS: Street Bikes and tattoos! But more so someone who’s down to earth, confident, ambitious and who is always straight up—no b.s., just genuine and real.
TURN OFFS: Guys who lie and are deceitful. You know the types who think they’re hella sly and they really aren’t? Also, guys who are condescending, arrogant, narcissistic, shallow, selfish and cocky for no reason.
SOMETHING FEW KNOW ABOUT ME: Either you know everything about me, or you know nothing at all it seems.
INSTAGRAM: sasha_pukini
TWITTER: @spukini

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