Muay Thai Legends to get their kicks at clinic

Martial arts enthusiasts will be happy to know that the best Muay Thai trainers will host a clinic next Saturday, Dec. 1, at M-1 Martial Arts that features two legends from the combat sport, Jongsanan and Ganyao.

Jongsanan “The Wooden Man” and Ganyao “Dr. Knee” will be here for one day only, so this is a great opportunity to learn from the very best.

“It’s for all levels as they will cover the basics of Muay Thai, how to apply it and some advanced moves,” explains Arthur Wong of M-1 Martial Arts. “Hawaii has never had such a high degree of Muay Thai teachers before, so it’s a great chance to learn from the best.”

He adds that Muay Thai has become a much sought-after discipline among UFC fighters in recent years.

Two-time Lumpinee Stadium Champion Jongsanan is also an ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) champion and is considered a legend in the Muay Thai community. With some 250 fights under his belt, Jongsanan is also considered one of the Top 10 fighters of all time. While he is an excellent fighter, he has also been able to train MMA fighters, including Gilbert Melendez, and is the Muay Thai trainer at Melendez’s gym in San Francisco.

Ganyao has trained m any of the best fighters in the world, including Jongsanan and 10 other world champions.

“Since he was unusually big for a Thai, his career was cut short since no one wanted to fight him,” says Wong of Ganyao, who is the head trainer at Pacific Ring Sports in Oakland, Calif. “He then became a trainer and hasn’t stopped.”

Those interested in learning how to properly execute the techniques of Muay Thai, as well as different strateies, should not miss out on this hands-on seminar. Participants are required to bring their own gloves and shin pads.

For more information on the clinic, call the gym at 729-7298 or email Arthur@m-1martialfitness.com