Paige FTW: 2019: Year of the Retread?

I began this article with the intention of highlighting some of the biggest releases impending this year … only to discover there really aren’t very many!

The big guns — The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, among others — have no release dates or are slated for a 2020 release. That leaves 2019 loaded with a whole lot of remasters, re-releases and other minor titles. Though there are a few notable exceptions… I’ve picked the four that intrigue me most.

  1. Kingdom Hearts III (Jan. 29)

Arguably the biggest release of 2019 will be upon us in less than a month. After 13 years of waiting, it’s kind of hard to believe. The series has perfected its frenetic gameplay over the years, even as its story has looped out of control into almost self-parody. But I love it, and a stampede of wild horses wouldn’t be able to keep me from this.  

  1. The Pathless

Combine the art direction of Journey with the pleasant ambiance of Abzu, and consider me intrigued. The power of solitude — which I have rhapsodized on before — radiates off this game, which follows a lone archer and her hawk traversing a fantastical landscape.

  1. Animal Crossing

On one hand, yes, this is going to be yet another Animal Crossing game, where we make our pretty houses and catch fish and generally engage in relaxing diversions. On the other hand, given Nintendo’s recent penchant for dramatically overhauling its franchises, what could and will they do with its more conservative series?

  1. Anthem (Feb. 22)

I should make it clear that I do not think Anthem is going to be a hit. In fact, I am fully expectant that it will bomb. BioWare is making a generic Destiny clone that has no single player mode? What’s the point of BioWare even doing it then? The only reason I haven’t completely written this title off is because I actually did enjoy the combat of Mass Effect: Andromeda, so if it’s anything like that…