Paige FTW: Comic-Con 2019 Roundup

Comic-Con is generally not heavy on video games, but there were a few noteworthy announcements made at the nerd culture mecca of the world.

Netflix’s The Witcher dropped its first trailer. It looked … very faithful to the books, which will probably draw ire from those who aren’t familiar with the novels (which present a very different reality than that of the games). But showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich says they will never adapt the games, period, so don’t get your hopes up for more than a few shoutouts here and there.

Henry Cavill does look a bit odd in his white wig, but he also looks as much as a real dude could like Geralt (and as a bonus, he adores the games, so you know his heart is in the right place). Yennefer looks great, though Ciri looks a tad odd to me.

The one thing I didn’t like was the music; it was too generic fantasy orchestra for me (seriously, the discordant strings make the game soundtrack). But that’s a quibble. The series is set to premiere sometime this year.

More details emerged about Marvel’s The Avengers. The game still looks uncanny as hell, but rumor has it that Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, will be a key character — and a playable one, to boot. This is a good thing because the further this game goes from the movies, the better. Ant-Man is also set to be playable (supposedly).

Death Stranding is really coming out, guys. It seems like a fever dream, but Death Stranding is totally … a thing. It’s happening. Crazy. In addition to the official boxart being revealed by Hideo Kojima himself, the man also revealed he was told to cast Keanu Reeves in the game (he would have had Mads Mikkelsen’s role). Kojima, however, is a huge Mikkelsen fan, so it’s no surprise he chose him over John Wick. Luckily, Keanu will be in Cyberpunk 2077.