Paige FTW: Sony at Paris Games Week 2017

Sony had an unusually robust lineup of content at Paris Games Week this year — with some very intriguing announcements and new trailers. Here’s a brief recap of what you should watch out for in 2018.

Ghosts of Tsushima — An open-world title from Sucker Punch (the studio of Infamous and Sly Cooper) with an unorthodox focus: the invasion of Tsushima by Mongols back in 1274. Let me repeat: this is an open-world samurai game. It’s the one place Assassin’s Creed won’t go. No gameplay details yet, but the atmospheric trailer certainly got me excited. Still, as this white man’s studio takes on this very Japanese project, prepare yourself for the hot takes if things do go awry.

The Last of Us Part II — A new trailer for Naughty Dog’s hotly anticipated sequel shied away from heroes Joel and Ellie, instead presenting us with two women in a very, very grim situation. There may be a cult involved, and there are definitely still Clickers. Early internet theories buzzed about how the mysterious woman in the trailer may be Ellie’s mother, Anna. The franchise certainly has not lost its reliance on harrowing violence to make a point about humanity…

Detroit: Become Human At this point, we have to ask what the hell Detroit is even about. Quantic Dream’s newest experiment in interactive storytelling has presented a number of compelling, albeit unrelated, trailers — but it’s not clear how these teasers connect in one coherent narrative. Perhaps there isn’t one. That could be an interesting experiment — and may play more to the studio’s strengths. This is also why that is absolutely not going to happen, and we’re all going to be disappointed next year, a la Beyond: Two Souls.

Other tidbits: a new Shadow of the Colossus trailer impressed with its upgraded visuals … PlayStation gets exclusive Call of Duty: WW2 DLC … God of War is still all about the fatherhood (though the kid is starting to wear on people) … and there’s a lot of VR coming out, so I hope you like VR …