Paige FTW: The Big Two at TGS

There were two titans that dominated the news coming out of this year’s Tokyo Game Show: Death Stranding and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Hideo Kojima finally debuted some gameplay for his mysterious title, and it’s … not what anyone expected?

The bulk of the game is, of course, walking and avoiding or fighting the mysterious invisible monsters that populate this dystopian America. But a major part of survival will entail the exactingly precise ways in which players can customize Sam Bridges to ensure his success. What you bring with you on missions, where you place it on your body, whether you stop to play the harmonica for BB (the fetus you carry) — all of it will affect your outcome.

Also, when you’re in Sam’s safe room between missions, you can look at his crotch (and he will punch you in the face if you do it too many times). That’s a detail that …exists. I don’t know why either.

Will it be good? Who knows. But it will definitely be worth your time.

Square-Enix went in a different direction for its extravagant homage to nostalgia with its lengthy gameplay demonstration for the most polarizing remake of all time.

Though the first half of the game will only take place in Midgar, characters such as AVALANCHE have been fleshed out and will have more to do (and there seems to be a new subplot involving Aeris), and basically every single thing that happened in the original game (squats! Turks!) is back and more beautiful than ever (even Don Corneo is oddly attractive). If fans don’t like the action-RPG style, that’s OK — Squeenix is implementing a turn-based alternative, too.

Am I excited? Hell yes. It looks amazing. I’m an easily pleased superfan, though, so I’ll admit my perspective is a little biased.

Next week: We roundup everything else that happened at TGS.