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Owner: Ikaika Lee Kwai
Age: 26
Occupation: Vinyl wrapper 
Hobbies: Riding, the beach, cars
Color: Gold Vinyl Wrap, Gold Carbon
Year, make, model: 2011 BMW S1000RR
Exterior: Gold Vinyl Wrap by Ikaika, Gold Pearl Flake painted by Kerfoot Garage, carbon fiber (CF) winglet, CF windscreen cover, CF tail fairing, CF belly pan, CF side panels, CF upper side fairings, CF tank side covers, CF heel guards, CF alternator cover, CF ignition cover guard, CF swingarm covers, CF clutch cover, CF side fairings, rollover pegs, gold foot pegs, 3D headlight cover
Engine: Upgraded radiator coolant hoses

When one thinks about BMW performance, the usual go-to is the BMW M3, a four-wheeled track monster. The BMW S1000RR changed all of that as the company’s first entry into a world long championed by the Japanese — the superbikes.

Before the appearance of this crotch rocket, BMW bikes were mostly associated with long-distance touring or for their infamous use by the local police. The S1000RR changed that perception overnight.  To start with, it’s a screamer. This 500-pound bike puts out 193 horsepower, which is equivalent to strapping a rocket to a soda can.

As a bike enthusiast, Ikaika Lee Kwai is relatively new, having been riding for a little under three years. While he’s also a major car enthusiast with a sick Infiniti, there’s nothing comparing going fast in a car to riding fast on a bike. It’s a totally different world — exposed, a little scary, yet ultimately the most amazing feeling of freedom. If there was a choice when it came to speed, he’d choose the bike over the car any day.

Lee Kwai’s first bike was a 2002 Yamaha R1 and when upgrading to a newer bike became a factor, he opted for something that was well-packaged yet not as mainstream as some of the more common fare.  I can see why — the visage of this 2011 model is unique thanks to its asymmetrical front fascia, which looks like it came out of a Japanese mecha anime. It’s sharp and well defined while being positively unique thanks to its headlight design.

Although Lee Kwai hasn’t put a ton of performance upgrades into the bike just yet, and he really didn’t intend to go beyond stock, eventually he decided to go crazy with the visuals thanks to some damage the bike had received. It’s already fast, so why not? Sportbikes can be easy to miss thanks to their limited profile and stature, however, this one is unmistakable thanks to the gold vinyl wrap applied by Lee Kwai.

The metallic gold chrome wrap is visually stunning when applied to the striking, angled features of the BMW bike’s fairings. Golden light positively gleams from the bike like you just entered Fort Knox. Of special note is the headlight cover, which has a truly unique 3D camo design pattern that shifts with the light. Combined with the gold-flaked carbon fiber additions to the body, the result is pure money.

The carbon fiber add-ons have actually been taken, sprayed and then clear-coated by Kerfoot Garage. Depending on the angle of the light, it can appear to be black carbon or dusted with gold. It’s a beautiful example of some out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to a sportbike. In addition, various protective and foot pegs have been added to break up the bike.

Although this bike is his first project bike, he’s now an accomplished installer and it all originated from this work of art. It turned out magnificent. Although he calls it the Gold Goblin, this baby is far from ugly.