SP Rides: A Dream Come True


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By Michael Kitchens

The Acura NSX is one of those timeless classics. Considered by many to be the epitome of the Japanese supercar, the Acura NSX has not been diminished by age. In fact, its price tag and value have actually skyrocketed over the years, thanks to the end of its production run in 2005.

So it comes as no surprise that this car was the object of Noah Borgia’s dreams and deepest affections while growing up.

“At the time, the prices were astronomical. You could never get it,” says Noah, 27.

So he looked elsewhere. Eleven years ago, Noah purchased his first ride, a 1991 Eagle Talon. When the model hit the market, the DSM brand was huge in the tuning scene and an appropriate purchase for Noah. Two months later, he blew the head gasket and rebuilt his first engine.

One car led to another, and Noah frequently swapped his vehicles for profit while building his nest egg. He ran through a decent selection of rides, including a twin-turbo 300ZX, a 350Z, bagged ’98 Frontier, a ’55 Buick and a ’56 Oldsmobile. But after years of scraping and saving, Noah finally made the plunge and purchased his dream car — a 1996 Acura NSX.

Although most would be content to drive a car as is after purchase, Noah envisioned something much better.

“I’m the type of person that has to make (the car) mine,” he says. With that said, the first modification was done to the fuel pump, which went after only a month of ownership. Other modifications quickly followed, and   yet Noah wasn’t satisfied with the car’s power. Combined with his meticulous attention to detail, he felt he needed to give the Acura a complete onceover.

And so he installed a new AEM EMS, 550cc RC Engineering Injectors as well as the Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump. Additional components were added to increase the automobile’s reliability, including a Comptech Carbon Fiber Intake and Headers to give the car some lowerend grunt. Then, it was off to Munkywurks Garage for a proper tuning by Sean Igawa. On the dyno, the supercharged NSX pumped out a decent 330 horsepower to the wheels.

Noah also paid attention to the interior. He ripped out several components and wrapped them in alcantara, hand-sewn by himself. The interior also features some fantastic visuals courtesy of the Rush Racing Development Gauge Art Box AEM Telemetry System and the full set of Dual Pro Sport gauges. In addition, a vibrant MOMO steering wheel attached to an NGR Quick Release Steering Hub sets off the interior’s technical look. The custom console display features a Turbolence Dash Pioneer Deck and provides even more visual flair.

The exterior sports a stunning combination of mods, including a Mode4 bumper, JP Aero front Lip, ViS Type R carbon fiber food, and Stacey side skirts. Not to be ignored is the NSX-R carbon fiber rear diffuser, and 02 Downforce rear valence, which add to its exotic appearance. High-quality H RE C-95s are fitted at 17 inches in the front with 18 inches in the back, and fitted KUMHO Ecsta SPTs are included all around for a road-hugging stance. Although Noah continues to search for more power, he’s very happy with his ride.

“This is my final car … it would bevery, very hard to sell. This was always my goal,” he says.