SP Rides: A gift for daddy’s girl


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Owner: Keddy Whittig-Souza
Occupation: High School Student
Hobbies: Going to the beach, attending car shows
Model: 1995 Honda Civic EX
Color: Milano Red
Suspension: Perrin front strut bar, Whiteline 24mm swaybars front and rear, Cart Boy sway bar end links, Whiteline rear swaybar mounts, Whiteline steering rack bushings, and alignment by Island Brake and Alignment.
Drivetrain: 6-puck ACT Stage 3 clutch with flywheel
Suspension: DC Sports front strut bar, ITR rear strut bar, skunk2 front and rear camber kit plus Pro 2 full suspension
Engine: Built B Series Engine, AEM fuel rail, filter, cam gears, RC310 injectors, skunk2 Pro2 cams and valve train, password JDM intake, polished valve cover, distributor, carbon fiber spark plug cover, Apexi ground kit, try-y header, slim fan with polished radiator, custom RH engine bay, Greddy SP2 exhaust.
Wheels, tires, and brakes: 16×7 AutoX wheels with 205/45/16 Nexen N3000 tires, steel braided brakes lines, drilled and slotted rotors
Interior: Oem hood bra, JDM amber corner lights, JDM fog lights, SiR front lip, red and clear tail lights, JDM spoon mirrors, Function & Form LCA.

As a youngster, Keddy Whittig-Souza remembers riding with her father, Bob, while he performed a lowrider three-wheel in his 2000 Lincoln Town Car. The experience, she admits, was scary for her at the time, but not enough to frighten her away from automobiles. In fact, it actually put her on the path to becoming a car enthusiast as she continues to enjoy the scene by attending car shows and cruises to this day.

For Keddy, the modded out 1995 Honda Civic EX that graces this page is actually a graduation gift from her father. The gift, she says, came as quite a surprise.

“I was excited. He works on it every day, but it was always covered,” says Keddy. Her father happens to be a huge auto enthusiast who has owned quite a few
souped up rides, including many Hondas. He worked on this Honda quietly throughout its transformation while never letting on that it was soon to be hers.

The car is built properly and is highly modified. The build started with a painted shell that had been sitting for about four years in a yard. Bob immediately swapped out the motor to a “built B series,” and connected it to a 60puck ACT Stage 3 clutch and flywheel, AEM fuel filter, rail and cam gears with RC 310 injectors.

The engine also features skunk2 PRO2 cams and a valve train, a tri-y header with a password JDM intake to help it breathe. A whole host of goodies too numerous to mention round out the rest of the engine build along with the incredible Runumhard sticker job.

The exterior hasn’t been neglected with a gorgeous Milano Red paint job to start with. The vehicle features a carbon fiberhood, the usual assortment of JDM goodies including mirrors, corner and fog lights, plus a SIR front lip to add some visual flair. Likewise, the interior has been treated properly with full black GSR leather seats front and rear, a JDM center console, ITR steering wheel, skunk2 shift knob, and rigid Auto Power 4-point roll cage and c-pillar bar.

The suspension has also been modified for better handling with skunk2 front and rear camber kit combined with its Pro2 full suspension kit. An ITR rear strut bar has been installed for better stiffness along with a DC Sports front strut bar as well. This Honda rocks 16×7 AutoX wheels with 205/45/15 Nexen N3000 tires matched to fit. Stopping power is increased with all steel braided lines, plus drilled and slotted rotors for extra effect.

Bob confesses that he’s only 90 percent done with the car. And while it may be a never-ending project, he confesses that his daughter “deserves it.”Bob confesses that he’s only 90 percent done with the car. And while it may be a never-ending project, he confesses that his daughter “deserves it.”

Keddy really loves the car and its color color, and fully intends to show it off. She appreciates the work her dad has put into it and she’s even offered to give him a ride occasionally.