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Name: Jeremy Turner
Age: 45
Occupation: Designer Builder
Hobbies: Cars, Paintball, and Martial Arts
Year, Make, Model: 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Color: Black
Engine: Hennessey lower pulley upgrade, high-flow cylinder heads, upgraded valve springs, intake and exhaust valves, upgraded lifters and pushrods, high-flow air induction system, long-tube stainless-steel headers, stainless steel midpipes, high-flow catalytic converters, custom Hennessey camshaft upgrade, HPE engine management calibration
Exterior: Turner ReDev, Hennessey & HPE850 exterior emblems and LEDs
Interior: Custom floor mats and LEDs
Wheels, Tires: custom COR wheels (19 inches Front, 21 inches rear), Michelin Pilot Sport 4s at 285/30ZR19 front – 325/25ZR21 rear.

Jeremy Turner’s first experience as a young enthusiast was during his mid-20s after acquiring a 1967 Chevy Nova.  It was bored out 30 over and it was beautiful.  It was at this time that Turner fell in love with the American muscle car.

“I just love the sound of a cam in an American Motor,” said Jeremy.  “I live for it.”

Since then, he’s been the proud owner many domestic powerhouses, most recently a sleeper of an Escalade that had a raunchy cam that sounded like a classic Chevy rumble.  Jeremy’s no stranger to wheeling and dealing, but when it comes to dream cars, although there are plenty of exotics, you simply cannot beat the price and performance that a modern Corvette offers.  This 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 was an easy purchase, especially since he has a penchant for engine builds on the ridiculous side of the spectrum.

Let’s not kid ourselves…the Vette comes bog standard with 650HP. For most people, that’s enough.  But Turner’s not that type of guy. No, he has to take it up another notch. So much so that he packed the car up in a box and sent it off to Hennessey Performance in Sealy, Texas and said, “Give me more power!”

Obviously, Hennessey said “No problem” and the end result is a fire-breathing, nostril-snorting monster of a Vette.  Thanks to their HPE850 Supercharged Engine upgrade, this bad boy is now placing an asphalt-pounding 850HP and 713 foot-pound of torque down to the ground.

One look at the performance upgrades included in this package and you’ll see that it’s not a walk in the park. Practically every component of the engine has been worked over.  Some of the component upgrades include high-flow cylinder heads, a custom Hennessey camshaft, upgraded valve springs (both intake and exhaust valves) upgraded lifters and pushrods and the inclusion of a high-flow air induction system for more oxygen to spare. The exhaust note is modified well over from stock thanks to long-tube stainless-steel headers, mid-pipes, and high flow catalytic converters. Whew!

Needless to say, the car felt different upon its return.  When you’re used to high horsepower, an extra 200HP doesn’t sound like a big deal.  But Jeremy’s ride went from traction to no traction upon first drive.  The wheels simply wouldn’t hookup thanks to the enormous amount of power being put down.

It took quite a bit of legwork to find the right combination of rubber and wheel to keep the power planted. Thanks to his profession as a designer/builder of model homes, Turner luckily has experience with AutoCad and just so happened to know the guys at COR Wheels.  You’re looking at the only set of COR forged wheels custom designed by Jeremy Turner. These babies are clad in black and are 19 inches in the front and a whopping 21 inches in the back.  Although 850HP is still a wild ride, it’s thankfully become a lot more stable due to these new shoes.

Throw all of this together and the end result is a phenomenal ride with ground-shattering performance. “I believe vehicles are a way of expressing yourself,” said Jeremy. “I express myself through my builds.”