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Name: Jarrod Silcox
Age: 33
Occupation: USAF
Hobbies: Surfing, Sports, and Cars
Year, Make, Model: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Yenko Tribute
Color: Bolero Red
Engine: 1969 L-71 special performance 427 c.i. big block reconditioned and machined, 4 bolt main bearing 1969 cast iron heads (machined, ported and polished), flat tappet camshaft, Competition Cam CB Nostalgia LS-6+, 1969 solid mechanical lifters, forged steel crankshaft (fully reconditioned and rebalanced), 1969 pistons, rods, valves (all reconditioned and machined), and rings (aftermarket), 1969 Stock Winters alloy aluminum intake, 1967 Holley 780cfm carburetor, 1967 GM 3.5 to 1 quick ratio steering box and power steering pump, 1967 Stock Harrison 4 core radiator, 1967 Stock GM alternator, Reproduction Delco Remy battery, Reproduction GM plugs and wires, 1969 Stock Delco Remy ignition coil and distributor, 1969 Stock GM manifolds with Magnaflow 2.5 inch exhaust and electronic dumps
Transmission: 1967 Muncie 4 speed M-21 transmission, 1967 Hurst competition shifter, 1967 GM Posi-traction 12 bolt rear end with 3.73 gears
Exterior: Period correct GM emblems (Chevrolet Camaro, Cross Flags 427, SS, Yenko), 1967 fiberglass Stinger hood
Interior: Fully restored stock interior, stock GM bucket and rear bench seats (re-covered), 1969 Stewart Warner 970K pedestal tachometer with electronic circuit board, Equus oil pressure and water temp gauges, Custom Audio Sound 400W aftermarket stereo under seat and dash, Reproduction 1967 GM Walnut Steering Wheel, Custom black Yenko floormats, Reproduction 1967 GM center console
Suspension: Koni Shocks, custom fabricated rear traction bars, anti-sway bar
Wheels, Tires: 17×8″ with 4 inch backspace front and rear Boyd Coddington “Mooneyes” Wheels, Dunlop SP 9000 235 45 R17 front and 255 40 R17 rear

Sometimes a tribute can mean just as much as the original…at least to Jarrod Silcox, the owner of this incredible 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS Yenko.  Although it’s not a real Yenko Super Camaro, it’s essentially in-line with the spirit and a perfect example of a man who knows what he wants in a car.

The Yenko was Don Yenko’s way of skirting an infamous GM corporate edict in the 1960s…when originally released, the car was restricted from having an engine larger than a 400 in³ V8.  At the time, the 427 was available in the 1967 Corvette but allegedly GM execs didn’t want the competition for the much more expensive Vette.  With an eye for the market, Don knew that slapping a 427 in a Camaro was a sure bet.  Enter the Yenko Super Camaro.

As mentioned, this Camaro started off life in 1966 as a 327 base coupe.  By the time it fell into Jarrod’s hands, it was engine-less although in fantastic condition.  As a kid, he spent a lot of time at the racetrack with his father yet had never owned much more than beater trucks. After personal tragedy took his parents, Silcox needed something to honor their memory, and soon this engineless chassis found its way into his hands.

For Jarrod, he’s always wanted a Yenko and when the opportunity came, he took the chance. A 427 was soon dropped into the Camaro, bringing it to glorious life. “I like to pretend sometimes that a guy had walked into the Yenko dealership in PA in 1969, and said Put this, in THAT” says Jarrod.  Hence the Yenko badges prominently displayed in all the correct spots.

This ride is exquisite.  Bathed in Bolero Red with the original interior, every nut and bolt has been lovingly restored and is period correct for 1967-69.  A ’67 fiberglass stinger hood, adds a touch of menace to an otherwise lovingly simple exterior. The interior has also been treated right with a refresh.

Don’t let that fool you as the 1969 L-71 special performance 427 is nothing to snort at.  It’s an original block that’s been restored with historically accurate and original parts and given a bit of pep thanks to a few more modern-day improvements.  All combined, the goodies in this ride put down a pavement-scorching, 501HP with 519 ft/lbs. of torque.  The Muncie 4-speed transmission has been upgraded with a few components with 3.73 gears in the GM posi-traction 12 bolt rear end.

And although relatively stock, it’s all brand new when it comes to the suspension, which is also equipped with Koni shocks. Custom fabricated rear traction bars keep the car’s head down while the 17” Boyd Coddington “Mooneyes” wheels look fantastic with Dunlop SP 9000s.

This truly is a tremendous example of a properly put-together ride. For Jarrod and his old, classic soul, this car really represents who he is as a person.  Absolutely classic.