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Year, make, model: 2017 Subaru BRZ
Owner: Arvic Navarro
Age: 22
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Cars, mechanics, basketball, gym, business
Engine: Full Blown Motorsports turbo kit, Garrett GT2871R turbo, Full Blown radiator, Full Blown Fans, K & N filter direct to the turbo, DW 700cc injectors, DW 300c fuel pump, Radium catch can, Tomei 80r catback, custom 3-inch front pipe, 3-bar map sensor, Mishimoto Aluminum overflow tank, Grimmspeed pulley cover with tool tray, Greddy MAP port adapter, King XPG main and rod bearings, Tomei head gasket, ARP head studs, GSC exhaust and intake valves +1mm, Manley Pro Series I, beam connecting rods, Farrea single valve spring kit, Manley Platinum Extreme Duty Standard piston size 10:1, 
Exterior:  APR GT, 250 wing 67 inches, front lip
Suspension/drivetrain: Teins Flex A coilovers, ACT XT street clutch (lightweight flywheel), Verus forged 4130 clutch fork, Velox billet clutch fork pivot
Interior: AEM afr and boost gauges, Grimmspeed electronic boost vontroller
Wheels:  18-by-9.5 Rays Gram Lights 57CR in gun blue ll with 355/35/18 Nexen SUR4 tires
Shout-outs: 86speed, FT86speedfactory, MAP Performance, mastermechanic/smowkem, Delicious Tuning

Born in Hawaii, raised in the Philippines, Arvic Navarro is back and he means business. Since 2014, he’s been living the entrepreneurial dream. Young and unassuming, his ride matches his style — a cool exterior with a bit of the unexpected underneath. This 2017 Subaru BRZ is function over form.

That’s not to say it doesn’t look pretty. The Subaru BRZ is already known for its stylish good looks and swept-back exterior. It’s a car with purpose — whether that’s cruising or smashing apexes at the ready. To that effect, Navarro has subtly massaged its exterior with choice bits of kit. An APR GT Wing (which has a killer slogan slapped on it) adds the swoops to the already sweeping design while a front lip helps with frontal aerodynamics.

The reserved exterior continues with Rays Gram Lights in gun blue sized at 18-by-9.5 all around with 255/35 Nexen SUR4 tires to rub the road. Hidden in plain view are the enormous Brembo brake calipers that come with this Performance package equipped BRZ while the body sits a few inches lower thanks to the Teins Flex A coil-overs. The twin Tomei 80R catback is certainly eye-catching as it protrudes from the lower rear diffuser, but that’s about it for the looks of this fast ride.

Fast is an understatement as Navarro prefers to keep his car clean and on the not-too-stylish end of the spectrum. This baby has it where it counts and you can tell as soon as he starts it up. This isn’t a normal BRZ because it’s equipped with a Garrett GT2871R turbo that essentially snorts fire at the stomp of the pedal.

The engine is what this car is all about. It’s fully built with a host of internal upgrades that allow the turbo to perform at its maximum. It’s yet to be tuned but the goal is an easy 500-plus horsepower for this sweet ride. His modification list for the engine is long and covers everything from a Full Blown radiator to DW 700cc injectors smashed with a DW 300cc fuel pump to feed it. The internals include ARP head studs, GSC exhaust and intake valves, and Beam connecting rods. Even the drivetrain has been thoroughly massaged thanks to a Verus Forged 4130 clutch fork and a number of other mods to include an ACT XT lightweight flywheel. He’s got too much to list, but needless to say, this ride goes places when you apply a bit of gas.

The interior is also clean and spartan with a set of gauge pods that feature an AEM AFR and boost gauges, hidden just underneath the Speedhunters window banner. The interior already has the looks of a cockpit and that’s perfectly suited to guide this bad boy to wherever it’s going.

Navarro is thoughtful about the build. He takes it seriously and is laser sharp with his intentions even when he hits a few bumps along the way.

“When circumstances are changed, your mind is changed. But the key is to focus on goals and not obstacles,” he said. That’s how you work it.