SP Rides: An Evolving Set of Wheels


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Name: Derek Silkert
Age: 24
Occupation: Air Force
Hobbies: Video games, fitness, anything auto related
Year, Make, Model: 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution
Color: Rally Red
Engine/fuel/exhaust/drivetrain: Full ETS turbo kit with Garrett GT3582R, AMS twin tip exhaust, Stage 3 competition clutch, 1300cc injectors, 255cc fuel pump, TWM short shifter, ETS open dump, Tial blow off valve; 474whp at 25psi on pump gas
Exterior: Varis front bumper with Runduce lip for daily driving, and carbon fiber Varis front lip for shows; Varis sideskirts with carbon fiber underlay; SSS Mitsubishi package; carbon-wrapped wing.
Interior: Android radio
Suspension: Fortune Auto 500 (sponsor)e
Wheels/Brakes/Tires: Stock wheels, stock brembo brakes

Derek Silkert started off as muscle car lover. His grandfather raced in the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association), so he always had a muscle car in his garage. As a teen, Silkert had his first taste of the import world through watching the original Fast & Furious — which is known for opening up the import enthusiast world to a wider audience. Once Silkert saw the insane lime-green Mitsubishi Evolution racing around in the movie, he became smitten with this speedy Japanese car. It was from that point on that he knew he had to have one.

Shortly after high school, Silkert joined the Air Force, which provided him with the means to acquire the car of his dreams, literally. Three years prior, Derek happened upon a gorgeous 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution GSR at a car show. He told his then-girlfriend-now-wife, “Someday I’m going to have a car like this.” One could assume it’s coincidence, but perhaps, this was meant to be as Silkert soon became the proud owner of this Evolution X machine.

As part of an even sweeter deal, a turbo kit was included with the purchase. Together with friends, Silkert and his gang installed the kit by hand. The kit was a full ETS turbo kit that included a Garrett GT3582R turbo, with 1300cc injectors mated to a 255cc fuel pump and all of the hot air blowing out of an AMS twin-tip exhaust. Tuned by JMS out of San Antonio, Texas, the car now puts down about 474whp at 25psi on pump gas. This ride puts down some serious power through the Stage 3 Competition clutch — which is enough to snap your head back thanks to the AWD.

The exterior is more mild than wild, as Silkert likes things simplistic. He really loves the Varis carbon fiber side skirts. In addition to the skirts, a Varis front bumper with Runduce front lip is for daily driving while a Varis carbon fiber front lip is standby for shows. The OEM wing has been given a carbon fiber wrap and looks good with the SSS Mitsubishi package. For Silkert, it’s more important to keep his ride looking clean and full of little details as opposed to wilding out with flamboyant kicks.

The interior features a svelte Android receiver unit that comes with all of the bells and whistles. Additional gauges provide more monitoring for the air/fuel ratio, and boost pressure. A chrome shift knob and TWM short shifter round out the rest of the interior.

The car’s suspension duties are handled by Silkert’s sponsor, Fortune Auto 500. Currently, the ride is running very stealth with the OEM Mitsubishi wheels, but his new wheels are on order.