SP Rides: It’s Automatic for this ‘Pnumatik’


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Name: Jayson Jeremiah
Age: 38
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator
Hobbies: Cars and mechanics
Year/Make/Model: 2010 Porsche Panamera S
Color: Kalapana Black
Engine: Agency Power intake
Exterior: Custom paintjob, Hofele Rear Wing
Suspension: Custom trunk enclosure, Universal Air Bags, Accuair eLevel management, 5-gallon specialty suspension seamless air tanks, 2 Viair compressors
Wheels: 3-piece forged Infinitewerks IS wheels — 22×10 with 235/30r22 Saffiro Tires, front; and 22×12 with 295/25r22 Saffiro Tires, rear.
Shot Outs: Rich from DMC fabrications for the custom suspension install; Tommy Le from Infinitewerk Wheels; J. Jeremiah Trucking Co. Inc. for transporting vehicle during build; Cory Wilson Sr. and Junior for Paint Job, Jubahl at Auto Customs for the tires; and Official PureVip Crew for all the support!

The Porsche Panamera is somewhat of an oddity — a luxury four-door mixed with the heritage of Porsche’s sports car heritage. It’s not light by any means, tipping the scale at a robust 4,000 pounds, and is full of creature comforts, a stark contrast from the traditional territory that Porsche usually inhabits.

For Jayson Jeremiah, however, it’s the perfect crossover for his family and his preferences. Although he changed a few things to his formerly white 2010 Panamera (nicknamed Pnumatik), the car remained relatively stock for a while. Still, Jeremiah has always enjoyed being a jack-of-all-trades type when it comes to his vehicle selection, having done everything from imports and euros to motorcycles and even trucks. His main ride prior to the Panamera was a jet black 2014 GMC Sierra, which was slammed to the pavement with 24-inch wheels. Thus, the first option was to get his style right.

This meant pulling this pristine beauty completely apart and prepping it for the special mix of Kalapana Black paint that would be applied quite liberally by DMC Fabrications. Talk about guts. Most people would balk at the idea of tearing apart a $90,000-plus exotic ride just to give it a different shade. But Jeremiah knows what he wants and the result is a sumptuous solid black exterior that contrasts nicely with the brown leather interior. In addition to the paint, he also added a very pricey Hofele rear wing, which accents the vehicle nicely.

You might think Jeremiah got the air suspension idea from the VIP scene, but in reality, his previous trucks served as his inspiration. Still, this was a custom job that involved piecing the entire setup together. It features a trunk set of VIAIR compressors matched to a 5-gallon Specialty Suspension seameless tank and features a fully adjustable height. It’s controlled by the ACCUAIR eLevel management system and allows the universal air bags to get as low as Jeremiah needs them to go.

Tucked beneath the gleaming bodywork is a set of absolutely insane IS wheels custom built by Infinitewerks and featuring a black chrome face sized at 22×10 in the front and 22×12 in the rear. Indeed, that is some serious tread width! All four corners are wrapped in Saffiro Tires that are sized at 235/30r22 in the front and 295/25r22 at the rear. The result makes the tires practically look like black rubber bands!

This car comes stock from the factory with 400HP, which isn’t slow by any means. In stock trim, it’s capable of running a 0-to-60 time of 4.7 seconds and a standing quarter mile at 13.3. Although the stock potential is impressive, Jeremiah has opted to play it relatively cool, limiting his engine modifications to an Agency Power intake for a little extra 02.

When it comes to modifying, Jeremiah prefers to remain true to himself. He considers himself fortunate to have such a ride — a form of self-expression that’s utterly automatic.