SP Rides: Barett and His Blue Bomber


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By Michael Kitchens

Under his father’s tutelage, Ronsyn Barett learned how to wrench as early as the fourth grade. Almost immediately, he was attracted to the car modification scene and eventually, his first project automobile became a Honda Civic.

“My dad was a mechanic and into Hondas,” he tells me. “I pretty much just grew up around him and molded to it.”

Ronsyn acquired this 1992 Honda Civic EG Hatch for a steal. The body was straight with minor flaws that needed ironing out, but the fact that it was a hatch made the deal even sweeter thanks to its low curb weight. Ronsyn’s goal in modification was to make the car look good while being quick.

He set about ordering his parts and got to work. As a true garage mechanic, all of the work was done in-house. The car was completely gutted and prepared for paint. Ronsyn had help in straightening out the body from his close friends and family. Once ready, his Uncle Jerry cut, rolled and welded the custom cage. The exterior was lathered in Tiffany Blue with Pearl Inlay and really makes a statement.

One look at his engine bay and you’ll instantly think “money.” That’s not just because of the serious engine build, but also because the entire engine bay is covered in it (it’s not the real thing so no worries, Mr. Treasurer). Originally, Ronsyn had a B16 swap with a turbo, but that’s been ripped out and replaced with an LSV build for more bottom end torque. Mated to the build is a T72 turbo running on a low-level boost of about 9 pounds. Combined, the car is putting around 240HP to the wheels — not bad for a FWD.

The car’s exterior and interior are clean and sparse. The interior’s main highlights are the reclinable Sparco racing seats, the sturdy and well-built roll cage, as well as the A’PEXi Power FC. A black interior was swapped back in to make the ride a bit more comfortable. (Ronsyn certainly won’t miss a thing with that incredible rear view mirror.) Exterior-wise, the car features a carbon fiber duckbill, an Si-R front lip, Spoon side mirrors and Password JDM amber corners.

The car’s suspension and drive train have been modified and feature an LSV transmission, CX Racing coilovers and a blinding set of wheels. The wheels are 15-inch SSR MKIs — a rare breed that showcases super thin-profile 155/45/15 Federal Formoza FD1s to impress. These wheels are most likely the only set on the island.

Ronsyn’s future goals include re-installing his gauge pods and getting the car up to 250-300 horsepower. He’s also extremely appreciative of the help that has been given to him by his friends and family in putting this ride together. He gives props to Team Mansu as this ride definitely walks the talk for his team.

Since he began working on his first car project, Ronsyn has already learned some valuable lessons regarding building and modifying our passions. “You can make what you want happen. You just have to put the time and effort,” he says.

That’s certainly a concept to live by.

Owner: Ronsyn Barrett
Age: 19
Occupation: Mechanic
Hobbies: Cars, fishing and cruising
Year/Make/Model: 1992 Honda Civic EG Hatch
Color: Tiffany Blue with Gold Pearl

Engine:  LSV Swap, T72 Turbo LSV PowerX Turbo Manifold, AM Cams, MSD Ignition, MUGEN valve cover
Drivetrain: LSV Transmission
Exterior:  Carbon Fiber Duckbill, Si-R Front Lip, Spoon Side Mirrors, Password JDM Amber Corners,
Interior:  Sparco Seats, Custom Rollcage, Crown Royal Shift Boot, A’PEXi Power FC
Suspension: CX Racing Coilovers
Wheels & Tires: 15-inch SSR MKIs, 155/45/15 Federal Formoza FD1s