SP Rides: Black Beauty


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By Michael Kitchens

Byran Tashima has long been a fan of European car brands, keeping his eye on the upscale offerings since before he ever owned one. His first car was a Chevy Cavalier he purchased for $3,000, but the Pearl City native soon slipped into the leathery goodness of a Mercedes C230 Kompressor and hasn’t looked back since.

Byran works primarily overseas and has been exposed to the popular European brands while spending time in places such as Italy, where the cars thrive. “I wanted something that was fast and comfortable,” says Byran.

Although a luxury car, that particular Mercedes came with a raft of problems that prompted Byran to switch to one of the most reputable brands in the world, the famous BMW. His first taste of the Ultimate Driving Machine was a 328i, BMW’s best-selling model series.

As usual, there’s a wealth of information out there for enthusiasts, including popular forums and clubs such as Team BMW Hawaii. Eventually, Byran felt the urge for more power while retaining the level of comfort he was used to. In 2009, he made the transition to BMW’s sporty coupe, the 135i, and the genesis of this rubber-laying weapon of mass destruction was born.

Byran took his time while overseas, carefully selecting and matching components in preparation for his return to the States. As he researched, he relied on DJ Motorsports and Auto Customs to handle the arming process. Combined, the companies went ballistic on this compact coupe. Done in one fell swoop, the car was outfitted with a plethora of engine mods that enable this car to put down a whopping 446WHP with more than 495 foot pounds of torque.

“When I came home, it’s like ‘Wow, this is exactly what I wanted done!’” says Byran.

The engine bay was thoroughly massaged with upgraded turbos and BMS mods to enable tuned performance. Featuring a BMS Juicebox and Dual Cone Intake, the car keeps its cool with a CX Racing front mount intercooler. The Tial Blow-Off valve garners attention every time Byran steps off the gas. The motor also features some super secret mods that help this blackbird generate the power transmitted through the Quaife differential.

This is SP Rides’ first-ever BWM shoot and we couldn’t have picked a better ride. The car is pure stealth with just the right amount of exterior modifications to let you know it means business. The Seibon carbon fiber hood and rear trunk combined with the rear diffuser give the ride a menacing look. Upgraded Stoptech BBKs gleam from behind 19-inch HRE Performance Wheels, which are fitted with sticky Advan Neovas and staggered at 235/30R19s in the rear with 225/35r19s in the front. N55 mid-pipes are mated to a stunning Remus Race catback exhaust and sport trick quad carbon fiber inlay tips that scream money.

Back home in the Islands with no racetrack to whet his appetite, Bryan’s only option is to dyno the car and cruise. Even when strolling through the parking lot, the car has a deep rumble that hints at the performance capable of being unleashed from this beast. Literally, the ride is an arsenal of sleek, black weaponry while its owner holds his finger on the button.