SP Rides: Black Mafia


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By Michael Kitchens

If you haven’t heard of Marshall Lum, one of the principal driving forces in the Hawaii import scene since 2005, here’s a rundown of some of his more notable accomplishments:

He has won HIN Best Scion three times.

He started one of the largest chapter clubs on the island, Scion Evolution, while supporting and being supported by Servco.

He’s run his own charity shows, including Helluva Rides and events such as the Nippon Sukuou show, which benefited Japan following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

These days, he rocks out at Forjworks, a custom fabrication and air suspension specialist shop.

And he’s done all of this while holding down a regular job as a mechanic at Hawaiian Airlines.

Marshall got his start in RC Cars, which he used to race at Keehi Lagoon “back in the day” before moving on to modifying mopeds. After that, he was introduced to his first car, the infamous VW Scirocco. The difficulties he encountered while owning this first car led to him studying at Universal Technical Institute in Arizona, and set him on the path to becoming the mechanic he is today.  After owning a few more VWs, including an ’81 MK1 and an ’85 Jetta, Marshall plunged headlong into the lowrider scene with a ’96 Impala.

Of course, this was about the time that his priorities began to change — kids and a house that he actually sold his Impala for became the focus for close to nine years.  And like any addict, all it takes is that one moment. Marshall bought a first-generation Scion xB and soon he developed a modding obsession.

After all this, Marshall decided he needed a change of pace. He sold the award-winning xB and stepped into a 2008 Scion xB for a whole new gen vibe — the first one on the island, actually. Known as “Black Mafia” by his friends, the car looks totally gangsta to onlookers.

“I just wanted to build this car, and help promote Scion overall,” he tells me.  “It was hard building it at the time because it was so new.”

The main goal was to build the Scion xB VIP-style. Marshall ripped out the brand new interior and had it re-upholstered using the highest-grade leather he could find at Fred’s Auto Top Shop. He then crafted some very unique accents and grills with real Hawaiian Koa wood as well as a ton of JDM interior goodies. The rear trunk area features a custom speaker and amp enclosure by ZAPCO.

The rolling stocks are extremely unique as they’re the only set in the U.S. The ride also features JDM Garson Dolchi wheels spec’d at 19×8 +35 and 19×9 +35, and surrounded by Falken 452 215/35/19 and 225/35/19s. The Xb also has an Airrex Wireless Digital ACS System, which Marshall distributes through Forjworks. The Airrex allows him to get as low as he can go without having to worry about bottoming out.

The car also features some choice bolt-ons, including prototype Strup headers, a TRD cold air intake, and even a 30 shot of nitrous courtesy of Nitrous Express. In addition to the dressed-up engine, the exterior also has more goodies, including the first Five Axis kit in Hawaii. It’s definitely sleek and stealthy.

“I just enjoy driving it and using it as a product showcase for our shop,” says Marshall of his ride.