SP Rides: Blue Bombshell


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Name: Christopher Selga
Age: 40
Occupation: Automotive technician
Hobbies: Cars, Surfing
Year, Make, Model: 1993 Mazda RX7 Touring
Color: Mexico Blue
Engine: 13B-REW, Trust filters, Peter Farrel Supercars SMIC, HKS ignition, MSD spark plug wires, Greddy pulleys, Koyo radiator, Samco silicone coolant hoses, Racing Beat down pipe, Racing Beat midpipe, Greddy SP2 muffler, Apexi power FC, CR3 Motorsports hardware
Exterior: Porsche Mexico Blue paint, C-West body kit, C-West headlights, 99 spec combo lights, AZRX7 diy led tail lights, APR GTC300 wing, APR formula GT3 mirrors
Interior: Sparco Fighter seats, Takata 3” harnesses, Carbon fiber door panels, Carbon fiber instrument cluster hood, Next Miracle complete cross bar setup, NRG short hub, Works Bell quick release, Vertex 10 star steering wheel and horn button, Greddy shift knob
Suspension: Fortune Auto 500 coilovers, Adjustable rear links, Swift sway bars, R1 front strut tower brace
Wheels: Veilside Andrew Racing V, 18×9”, 18×10”, Federal 595 RSR-R tires, 225/40r18, 235/40r18

The Mazda FD3S RX-7.  A legendary vehicle from a time period where the big four of import domination also included the Toyota Supra, the Honda NSX, and the Skyline GT-R. Of course, there were arguably other rides from this area such as the 300ZX and the Mitsubishi GTO, but these were the four that kids dreamed about in America.  This 1993 model was considered a supercar for Christopher Selga.

“These are the kinds of cars that you only see in magazines now-a-days.  They’re rare” says Chris.  Even more so, parts can be expensive and difficult to source. “You try not to break stuff when you pull it apart” laughs Chris.

When it comes to part and parcel, Selga hasn’t held back, regardless of the price.  This build is exceptional. First of all, it’s eye catching thanks to the exterior which has been coated in Porsche Mexico.  The addition of a full C-West body kit as well as C-West headlights convert the aging ‘93 front fascia to a modern take. APR Formula GT3 mirrors combine with the enormous GTC300 wing bring the bodyline to a Super GT styled profile. 

The suspension has been modified using Fortune Auto 500 coil-overs combined with adjustable rear links to squat nicely over some original Veilside Andrew Racing V wheels. These black beauties are set in 18×9 for the front and 18x10s in the rear with some meaty Federal 595 RS-RR tires.  The entire ride is tightened up with additional components such as Swift sway bars, an R1 front strut tower brace and the gorgeous Next Miracle cross bar that sits amidst the rear trunk area.

The Mazda RX-7 has an incredibly enjoyable amount of smooth power delivery throughout the entire rev-range thanks to it’s sequential twin-turbo system.  At 1800rpms the initial turbo is already spooling with full power engaging at 4,500. Although a very complicated setup, its reliability has been upgraded thanks to a bevy of modifications such as the Samco silicone coolant hoses, the MSD spark plug wires, the Koyo radiator, and the Greddy Pulleys.  Power has been upped as well with the addition of a Peter Farrel Supercars SMIC, HKS ignition, Racing Beat down and mid-pipe, Greddy SP2 muffler and the now-standard A’PEXi Power FC.

One of the most desirable traits of the FD3S is the race-oriented cockpit.  The car already exhibits a sublimely driver-centric focus but this has been accented thanks to the inclusion of an NRG short hub and Works Bell quick release which allows for the Vertex 10 wheel to be removed quickly.  Chris is able to hold himself securely for any high-g turns thanks to the Sparco Fighter seats which are quite comfy looking while a Takata 3” harness does the fastening. What’s remarkable about this interior is the fact that the entire thing used to be the tan version. Chris has fully swapped and replaced the components to the much preferable and sexy black versions.

With everything included, this car is truly a blinding blue bombshell. When it comes to this incredible build…Christopher keeps it really simple.  “Enjoy life. You can always make money again…so you might as well use it on something you love.”