SP Rides: Built For Attention


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Year, make, model: 1985 Buick Regal
Owner: Hannibal Puma Jr.
Age: 37
Occupation: Commercial driver, owner of HiLife Kustomz, exclusive distributor for Black Magic Hydraulics
Hobbies: Collecting Pokemon, marbles and church
Color: Custom Red with Red Pearls
Engine: 350 Chevy V8, bored out .5 over with race pistons and roller rockers, Edelbrock covers, Headman headers, Flowmaster dual exhaust, gear drive
Exterior: Lettering by DJ Wish, roof and patterns by Kai, leafing by Junior
Interior: Red leather interior, custom trunk enclosure
Suspension: Black Magic Hydraulics, 10-battery, single pump piston to the front with an 11-gear setup

More than a year ago, the ride on this week’s StreetPulse was nothing but a bare-metal frame that was sitting on the side of Hannibal Puma Jr.’s house.  “Junior” as he’s affectionally known, is recognized for his love of lowriding and has been featured previously. Now he’s back with another sky-high showstopper with this 1985 Buick Regal.

“Hopping” isn’t about slapping some pumps onto a stock ride and going at it. Not for Junior — a month of time was taken to reinforce all four sides of the frame with quarter-inch plating. This was then smoothed and molded to perfect the look.

The entire frame was then painted in his garage — in fact, the entire project was completed there. A spare body was sourced and added and also repainted in a custom shade of red. The infamous DJ Wish added lettering, with additional paintwork for the roof by Kai and leafing done in-hand by Junior. The result brings respect to the lowrider game and makes the body pop.

Of course, this ride is all about the hop, and with a 10-battery, single pump Black Magic Hydraulic piston to the front with an 11-gear setup. The gear is what sucks the oil to the front and powers the force throughout the system.  Combined with the two custom hardline pumps, this allows the vehicle to quite literally jump its front end high up in the air. These pumps are made to handle 21,000 PSI. That’s enough to take your arm right off if handled in the wrong way. Sky High coils are all around as well and are the main ingredient for getting it off the ground, thanks to the help of the competition cylinders.

It’s a total trip to see a car this size with its front end in the air. It almost seems impossible, but the setup created by Junior handles this with ease and aplomb. You definitely don’t want to be under the car when it comes crashing back to earth, but standing aside as a spectator, you can’t help but hoot and holler at the sight of this behemoth busting out a mile-high performance.

Most of the time, these vehicles play it small with a V6 setup, but this baby has it where it counts.  We’re talking about a 350 Chevy V8, bored out .5 over with race pistons and roller rockers combined with a mild cam. This baby is not only dressed to impress, it has the foot-pounds to get down! I’d almost say it’s quite rare to see an engine of this type and power in a machine that’s decided to go up and down rather than forward. It’s a “low rod” of the highest power.

Continuing on, of course, the standard 13-inch Dayton wire wheels are a part of the mix, and are offset by custom graphics in the wheel wells along with gorgeous engraved suspension components. The rear trunk setup is clean and consistent, thanks to the custom enclosure and installation.

Junior loves lowriding because it’s something he enjoyed as a kid. Now, he can teach the new generation of kids — including his own — that it’s not about gangs or negativity, but rather that lowriders are from all walks of life, from drivers to law enforcement to business owners.  However, hopping is his passion — and this ride was built just for attention.