SP Rides: Classy, Not Trashy


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by Michael Kitchens

For some automotive enthusiasts, there comes a time when they must put away the boy toys, the mad horsepower monsters and the sleek import rockets, and opt for a more luxurious, comfortable ride. Shauncey Credo, 27, is already at that point in his life, having arrived in stages and in style.

His first daily driver was a 2000 Dodge Neon. Soon afterward, he was drawn to the famous build quality of the Toyota, and became the proud owner of not one, but three Turbo MR2s. Later, he began ripping it up on a Suzuki GSXR600. Currently, his daily driver is a Toyota Tacoma, although his sweetheart remains a 2007 Lexus IS 350, which graces the page before you.

As an engineering technician for Lockheed-Martin, Shauncey is a smart man and didn’t take any chances when he picked up the Lexus. He walked in on the 350 with $10,000 in hand after selling his MR2 and GSXR. “I just felt like I was getting older, and getting out of the racing scene,” he says. With the absence of an asphalt track on the island, who can blame him?

Upon pulling into the Fresh Cafe parking lot, I immediately noticed the slammed stance and the gorgeous Trafficstar MZ wheels of the Lexus. His ride exhibits a subtler form of VIP style, minus the curtains and flashy swag. Swathed in Glacier Frost Mica paint, the car has a legit hybrid body kit by Job Design. In fact, the rear end is stunning to look at. His Lexus is equipped with trick Air Runner suspension, which allows him to slam the car to within an inch of its life on the cold, hard pavement.

“People always think it’s one of those public transportation buses,” says Shauncey. The effect is extremely cool, but just make sure to watch your toes.

The majority of the suspension mods were installed by Samson of Revision Audio fame. Samson specializes in the VIP style, so he was the go-to man for Shauncey when it came to building the car to the owner’s liking. Samson also sourced a Project Mu Big Brake Kit for the Lexus that certainly drops jaws upon sight. Joel Luu from JL autobody handled the body kit and paintwork, and the workmanship is superb.

The interior is minimalistic, but already looks fantastic with the OEM design. Shauncey has added some touches here and there, including a very cool LED shift knob and custom-made Job Design head pillows. On display in the cleanly furnished trunk is the Air Runner setup with some black and white limited edition Hello Kitty plushies.

Shauncey’s future plans for the car are further interior work, a sound system upgrade and more suspension goodies. For now, however, he’s content to ride around in style. Shauncey believes in being clean and classy while staying away from the more faddish trends.

“I think the VIP scene is here to stay.” he says. If this Lexus is proof, he’s certainly setting the example to follow.


2007 Lexus IS 350
HOBBIES: Working on my car, chilling with friends, spending time with the GF and occasionally watching movies
COLOR: Glacier Frost Mica
BUILD TIME: 5 years
ENGINE: Joe Z polished intake, HKS hybrid air filter, TRD oil cap
SUSPENSION: Air Runner suspension, Air Runner 4 gallon stainless tank, Project Mu 6 pot front caliper w/ 355×32 rotors • Project Mu 4 pot rear caliper w/ 345×32 rotors, Viair 380C dual chrome compressors, Accuair VU-4 manifold • Accuair Switchspeed controller, Accuair black anodized water trap,Dakota Digital air pressure gauge,Dakota Digital air pressure sensors, Megan Racing rear camber arms, Megan Racing rear caster arms
ADDITIONAL SUSPENSION: Megan Racing rear toe links • Megan Racing rear traction links • SPC front camber ball joints •
3/8 Stainless leader hoses • 3/8 Air lines/ fittings
EXTERIOR: Job Design hybrid body kit, Lexon rear roof wing, Kazz sports grill, OEM JDM color matched rain guards • Lexus rear hybrid emblem, Garax 6k HID bulbs, Shaved trunk panel
WHEELS/TIRES: 19×10 Trafficstar MZ w/ chrome barrel • 19×11 Trafficstar MZ w/ chrome barrel • Goodyear F-1 225/35/19 • Goodyear F-1 245/35/19