SP Rides: Complete ‘Pandem’-onium


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Owner: Chris Acosta
Age: 24
Occupation: Technician
Hobbies: Cars, snowboarding
Year, make, model: 2015 Lexus RC F
Color: Starfire White
Exterior: Pandem V1 Rocket Bunny Aero FRP kit with matching carbon fiber and FRP components and canards, carbon fiber wing insert
Suspension: Airrex Suspension with Airlift 3P Management in a custom LED trunk enclosure
Wheels/ tires: 19-inch Avant Garde F451 wheels with Kumho Ecsta 255/30 ZR19s in the front and 295/30ZR19s in the rear

This incredible 2015 Lexus RC F was spotted zipping down the highway by yours truly. I almost sprained my neck as I lost it in traffic. As luck would have it, I was able to meet the owner, Chris Acosta, for an impromptu shoot of this bad boy.

People want what they want — and in Acosta’s case, he wouldn’t take no for an answer. After seeing a video put out by Vossen Wheels, he absolutely fell in love with the look of the Pandem V1 kit for the V8 Lexus RC F. He’s a sucker for wide bodies, and surprisingly, he bought the kit before he even owned the car. Talk about commitment.

He had time, though. The widebody kit actually took more than six months to arrive. And wow, was it worth the wait? Yes, absolutely. The kit vaults the already spectacular car practically into exotic territory. The svelte bodylines are accented by the severely sculpted front and rear fenders, which widen the vehicle by several inches.

Swooping skirts are augmented by additional canards, while the front bumper is given equal treatment.  The ride is currently waiting for the installation of a large rear wing, but the stock electronic lifter has been augmented with a touch of carbon fiber. The well-known Pandem logo is labeled quite clearly amid the Starfire White body. Mike, of GX Auto fame, handled the complete install and the resulting look is exquisitely wild.

Obviously, driving this wide-bodied kit around Oahu would result in the front bumper exploding. So, Joey Sabugo handled the installation of an Airrex with Airlift 3P Management. Sabugo handled everything from the hardlines, the bags and the trunk setup. Of special note is the gorgeous yet extremely subtle air installation in the rear trunk. Strategically placed mirrors and LED lighting allow for a huge combination of colors on display.  Altogether, the suspension allows for a wide range of travel height so that he can get over the bumps without shattering the one-of-a-kind kit into a gazillion pieces.

You cannot miss the 19-inch Avant Garde F451 wheels in a custom fitment. These awesome wheels have a unique carbon fiber lip that is very rare currently in import land. This is combined with the Kumho Ecsta 255/30 ZR19s in the front with 295/30ZR19s in the rear. The combination of steel slotted rotors, black Lexus embossed caliper hardware and the silver and carbon fiber wheel surfaces contrast incredibly well with the body ride. Can you say stormtrooper? The panda scheme is so darn sexy.

For Acosta, in general, the entire process has been an experience. For a while now, he’s been used to a bit of a lower standard. However, he’s worked his way up to an entirely different level. He opted to never give up, and just go for it.