SP Rides: Doing it VIP Style


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Jason Matsuura has always run with a crowd that lived and breathed cars. Since high school, Jason and friends were into all things Honda, including motor swaps and the notoriety that comes with these motor-car combinations. His first ride was a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback, which cemented his love for the automotive scene.

In what some would consider an immediate natural progression, Jason eventually swapped up to a 2001 Lexus GS300. Tired of getting busted for speeding, Jason decided the VIP scene better fit his maturing taste in cars. Then to be a bit different, he took a chance on a 2007 Infiniti, but soon discovered this car to be lacking in both the luxury and parts department. And so he made a U-turn to the Lexus brand, and now runs with a 2007 Lexus LS460L.

Here’s how Jason found his current ride: While planning to visit the Mainland in search of the perfect car, Jason found the car locally in an ad. At first, the owner didn’t budge on the price that Jason offered. Eventually, however, the owner caved because he was in the process of moving, and Jason went home with a great deal and a superb car project to work on.

Since his goal was to be the first on Oahu to have a fully built VIP Lexus, Jason spent several months actively searching the Internet for the right parts to make his dream build possible. Still, this ride wasn’t mainstream so everything was built to order: pay up front and wait for the parts to trickle in. First to arrive was the suspension. Jason and his friends immediately rolled the fenders and prepared the car for the Air Runner suspension install. The current ride showcases a custom recessed floor in the trunk and rolls with a compressor and pump matched against a chrome plate for that style kick.

“My friend encouraged me to keep it clean and simple,” he says. This Lexus also features a bevy of Aimgain parts shipped directly from Japan, including the front and rear bumper, side-skirts and roof spoiler. The vents are shaved and the front bumper sports some classy projector bulbs to add to the glow.

With the kit installed, Jason then prepped the car for paint. He settled for a clean black on black clear coat to really make the automobile shine. The wheels are VIP Modular VR15s custom made at 22-inch by 11 for the front and 22 by 12 for the rear with 265/30R22 and 305/25R22 Toyos to fit the wheels.

Of special note is the unique factory feature called The Executive Package. This package includes a back seat that reclines with a DVD/TV combo, a massager and an icebox to keep your drinks chilled. That’s truly VIP and a rare sight among other “Lexi” on the island.

Jason’s future plans include adding custom fenders with carbon inserts and a custom big brake kit. But for now, he’s more than satisfied with this beauty of a ride.