SP Rides: Dress to Impress


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By Michael Kitchens

Owner: Braxton Higa
Age: 25
Occupation: AC and refrigeration
Hobbies: Free diving, cars, hanging out
Year/Make/Model: 2000 Honda Civic
Color: Flamenco Black
Engine: K20A Type-R, Skunk2 Megapower exhaust mani, RBC intake mani, hybrid racing custom intake, thermal intake manifold gasket, thermal R&D full 3-inch exhaust, Walbro 255-lph fuel pump, hybrid racing A/C kit, hybrid racing power steering kit, hybrid racing fuel line tuck kit, hybrid racing fuel rail, hybrid racing K swap radiator, hybrid racing radiator hoses, hybrid racing tucked clutch line, hybrid racing fuel pressure regulator, hybrid racing harness, hybrid racing shifter cables, Spoon valve cover, Spoon carbon kevlar ignition coil cover, Spoon reservoir socks, Spoon oil cap
Drivetrain and Suspension: K swap axles, DC5 Type-R transmission, Tein Mono Flex coilovers, Tein EDFC, Beaks rear tie bar, Function and Form LCA, Skunk2 front/rear camber kits, NRG 3-point front strut bar, Tanabe C pillar bar
Exterior: FBP OEM Honda paint, OEM Si front lip, JDM CTR headlights, JDM CTR wing, JDM CTR tail lights, Tegiwa adjustable wing brackets, JDM CTR rear lip, shaved rear wiper, shaved antenna, JDM CTR sidemarkers
Interior: JDM CTR red carpet, JDM ITR rear seats, AP1 s2000 front seats, OEM Si cluster, Mugen pedals, Mugen Momo suede steering wheel, NRG quick release, EDM center console, OEM Si leather arm rest, AP1 s2000 shift knob, RSX Type-S shifter, Karceps shifter mounting plate
Wheels: Volk TE37 16×8 +20 NEXEN n3000 204-45-16, Resistance JDM CTR 5 lug conversion, OEM rotors, Hawk pads

Sometimes it takes a lot to make something appear clean and simple. Take this 2000 Honda Civic owned by Braxton Higa, for example. It’s fitted with a ton of well-matched parts that may require a second look to realize they’re even there. Indeed, this ink-black ride proves that something stealth-like can look sick at the same time.

Braxton has enjoyed cool-looking cars since he was in high school. At first it wasn’t even about modifying — it was more about cruising around in a good-looking ride. His first two automobiles were Toyota MR-2s, but soon a lineup of hot autos followed, including a Lexus SC300, a Scion TC, a Mazdaspeed Protege and a DC2 Integra. Eventually, however, all rides led to the Honda.

Braxton was able to acquire this Honda from a neighbor at a decent price. With a fresh shell underneath him, he got to work modifying the vehicle to his liking.

Although mostly bone stock, the car had a few Type-R goodies on it to begin with. Braxton wanted more, so he first added the Volk TE37s fitted with 16×8 Nexens all around in 205/40ZR1 16s. Hidden behind the wheels is a full JDM CTR brake and rotor swap. Next came some external pieces, including the Type-R rear lip and wing brackets. Rear lower control arms were installed in addition to polishing the entire undercarriage.

Practically every product available from Hybrid Racing is on this ride, including the custom intake, power steering kit, fuel rail and fuel line tuck kit, radiator and more goodies too numerous to mention.   The engine is a straight K20A Type-R swap acquired from Willy’s Transmission in Kaneohe. More parts from companies such as Spoon Sports and Skunk2 fill out the engine bay. The yellow valve color is a striking contrast among the flamenco black paint. Of special note is the RBC intake manifold, which was custom-fitted for the ride.

The suspension is done up well and includes the sweet in-car adjustable Tein EDFC fitted to Mono Flex coilovers and is 36-way adjustable. Camber is controlled with the Skunk2 front/rear kits, and extra strength is added by an NRG 3-point strut bar and Tanabe C Pillar bar.

Not to be neglected is an interior that sports a fantastic bright red, Type-R carpet matched to JDM ITR rear seats with AP1 S2000 fronts for a snug fit. The steering wheel was replaced with an NRG quick release hub matched to a suede Mugen Momo. Various other bits and pieces were shipped in to round out the gorgeous interior.

Braxton would like to thank his girlfriend, Bailey, for putting up with the modding madness plus East Side Graphics, Runumhard as well as Trevor from Makeshift Auto. He especially wants to give credit to his friends, Dane Kinokeo and Kanoa Chang, for always being there to help. The goal behind the build was to dress to impress while still being a comfortable daily driver. Based on the looks of Braxton’s ride, he nailed it.