SP Rides: Forever Blessed


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Owner: John Noah Ray M. Gatchalian
Age: 21
Occupation: Napa Auto Parts
Hobbies: Drums, Xbox
Year, make, model: 2018 Honda Civic FC3 Si
Color: Honda White Orchid Pearl
Engine: PRL Short Ram Intake. PRL 3in front pipe. Greddy 3in Supreme SP Exhaust System
Exterior: iJDMTOY Smoked Side Markers. CuztomTuning JDM Front Grill Trim Cover Garnish (Color Matched). LED strobe brake lights. Red LED High Beams. AdvanceTuning Type R Style Front Lip. Wrapped Front Bumper.
Interior: CuztomTuning Weighted Shift Knob. Tsurikawa Handles. Wink Mirror. Floor Lighting. Red LED Dome Lights.
Suspension: D2 Racing Air Suspension Kit. Airlift Performance 3P Management Kit.
Wheels: JNC004S Platinum Gold Rivets Staggered 18×8.5 & 18×9.5. Lionheart 225/40/18

From the beginning, John Gatchalian has been a fan of the Civic. Like David vs. Goliath, this small, affordable car takes on its much larger domestic competitors. Thanks to its extreme aftermarket and performance potential, the Civic just feels good to John.

We’re currently into the tenth generation of the Honda Civic and the eight generation of the Si version. This 2018 Honda Civic Si, owned by Gatchalian, has all of the modern tech you’d expect from an import car manufacturer like Honda and its bodylines are futuristic and sporty. I mean, look at that rear end…it’s like a spaceship. Finally, cars are starting to look like we’re in the 2000s!

When John first picked up his ride, he kept thinking about how bad the roads are here, and the ability to adjust the ride height as necessary was a huge attraction. So naturally, one of the first modifications was the D2 Racing Air Suspension kit. Combined with the Airlift Performance 3P Management kit, it’s made a huge stance in both the drivability, enjoyment as well as the overall stance of the car.

It’s called a performance system because it handles changes in load or driving conditions such as cornering. Both anti-cross and axle equalization allows the system to read height and pressure and adjusts for it in real-time. That’s pretty high tech.

Of course, that system also provides one of the meanest drops and tucks while it’s parked, which means Gatchalian had to choose the right wheels to really make an impact. These wire-mesh JNC JNC004S are gorgeous, with Platinum Gold Rivets staggered at 18×8.5 in the front and 18x9s in the rear. Lionheart LH-503s in 225/40/18s are all around and combined, they provide a different image — a less racy and more luxurious addition to the overall package.

The engine has been mildly modified with a PRL short ram intake and 3 inch front pipe. Most noticeable from the outside is the huge, twin canister Greddy Supreme SP exhaust system. The rear exhaust is obviously a huge change from the stock “HDMI” looking OEM version. It’s enough to give the ride some pep and a definite growl.

The exterior is Honda White Orchid Pearl; it’s bright with hints of pearl amidst to accent the modifications John has added. New smoked side markers, a CuztomTuning front grill trim cover garnish that has been color matched, and an AdvanceTuning Type R style front lip up the aggression factor quite a bit. The front bumper has also been wrapped with white, black and red accents to improve the look. Red LED high beams have also been installed alongside LED strobe brake lights to add some lighting modifiers. The interior hasn’t been ignored either and features a CuztomTuning Weighted shift knob, Tsurikawa handles, and Wink Mirror.

For John, he feels that although his car could be considered just a Civic, it’s all his. As a very religious owner, he thanks God for the blessings he’s received every day. That’s why his window banner says “Forever Blessed”.