SP Rides: Get Ready To Rumble


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Year, make, model: 1973 Chevrolet Camaro
Owner: Adrian Mansaw
Age: 27
Occupation: U.S. Navy
Hobbies: Cars, motorcycles, quality time with my wife
Color: Black
Engine: LS based Gen III 4.8, 243 heads, LS9 head gaskets, TSP camshaft 228/232 112lsa, LSA supercharger with Griptec 2.50 Pulley, ICT Billet cathedral to rectangle port manifold adapters, Nitrous Outlet lid spacer/spray-bar, Innovators West 10 percent overdrive crank pulley, Holley Sniper 92MM throttle body, fuel system, return style fuel system at 60psi, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump, Aeromotive pre and post filers, Aeromotive X1 Series EFI Bypass 2-port regulator, Fuel Injector Clinic 1000cc fuel injectors, ZL1 Camaro fuel rails, 15 gallon fuel cell, Speed Engineering 1 7/8-inch long tubes, Speed Engineering 3-inch X-pipe, 3-inch exhaust back to Flowmaster Delta 40s
Interior: Custom dash insert with Autometer gauges (MPH, RPM, volts, oil, etc.), custom A/C
Electrical: Swap Specialties LS Gen III standalone harness, P59 ECM, LSA supercharger lid IAT breakout harness, LS2 to LS3 MAF harness adapter, LS1-LS3 MAP harness adapter, CTS-V MAF sensor, ZL1 Camaro MAP sensor
Drivetrain: 4L80E, Triple Disc 3K RPM billet converter, Alto clutches, Kolene steels, Trans Go HD-2 shift kit, Sonnax no walk case bushing, 34 element sprag, GM 8.5 10 bolt rear end, custom driveshaft
Audio: Kenwood head unit, two pioneer 5 1/4 component speakers, two pioneer 6-by-9 speakers, Rockford Fosgate 10-inch subwoofer
Wheels/tires: American Racing wheels, front: Goodyear Assurance 215/65R15, rear: Primewell Sport P5860s

The second generation Chevrolet Camaro is an absolutely classic car. Compared to other generations, it stands out, thanks to its super memorable bodylines and aggressive stance.  Adrian Mansaw owns this stunning 1973 example, which has been reworked from the ground up to become something well beyond its original equipment.

Born in Kansas City, Mansaw grew up alongside a father who had an interest in all things automotive.  A fan of domestic autos, his father loved working on these muscular machines, something that was passed on to his son.  The natural affinity for building machines has translated into some pretty intense work on all sorts of cars —including Corvettes, Novas, GTOs and of course, the venerable Camaro.

This Camaro is a transplant survivor. No longer featuring the original engine, this black beauty now rocks a LS based, third generation 4.8 from a Silverado that has been worked over in quite a spectacular fashion.  The swap includes serious modification work like an LSA Supercharger amid a sea of engine goodies that would make any mechanic blush.  Just take a gander at the parts list and you’ll get the idea of what resides under its metal skin.

This baby has been updated to modern standards. It’s retrofitted with a modern transmission with plenty of top-rated parts as well. It’s extensive, to say the least. Considered a retromod, the work has been done in such a spectacular fashion that the uninformed would think it came from the factory like this. It all tucks wonderfully under that bulbous hood — never mind the Nitrous hidden in the trunk that sits alongside the installed fuel tank and 10-inch subwoofer.

All of this means that the wiring harness throughout the entire car has been replaced with upgraded components like a Swap Specialties LS Gen III standalone harness, a P59 ECM, and all sorts of harness adapters to bring the huge variety of LS components together. Mansaw could probably get a job as an electrician at this point.

I heard this ride from several blocks away — that’s how deep the rumble was. It’s incredible and one could be forgiven for thinking that’s all the sound system one would need, but Adrian still wanted some tunes. That’s why he’s included a full setup of a Kenwood head unit, some Pioneer components and 6-by-8 speakers thrown together with the aforementioned sub.  It’s got it where it counts, in more than one way. 

Thankfully, the interior has been kept in amazing condition and updated with Autometer gauges tastefully placed with a custom dash that allows monitoring of all the upgrades.  It even comes with custom A/C in the form of a mounted dash fan. 

But let’s get serious here, because this ride is beyond serious. It’s ready to rumble and it’s mean enough to do some damage to the asphalt it runs on. It’s a work of art, but it’s not unobtanium. Mansaw has some serious words of support for future builders: “The only thing that’s stopping you is yourself. Do your research, put your time in, and anyone can build a car like this.”