SP Rides: Getting it Done


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Name: Robert Fauci
Age: 34
Occupation: USN
Hobbies: RX7s, Rotaries, Welding
Year, Make, Model: 1990 Mazda RX-7
Color: Brilliant Black
Engine:  13BT Engine/Drivetrain Swap, Exedy Stage 2 Clutch, Exedy Light Steel Flywheel, BNR Supercars T04b Hybrid Turbo, ATP Lava Turbo Blanket, TurboGuard Compressor Inlet Screen, MegaSquirt 2 ECU, RotaryWorks Front Mount Intercooler, Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump, Venom 720cc/1000cc Fuel Injectors, AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, Full Function Engineering Trigger Wheel/Hall Sensor, Xtreme Rotaries Gilmer Pulley Kit, Greddy Type FV BOV, Koyo Aluminum Radiator, RE-Amemiya Radiator Cap, Racing Beat Silicone Radiator Hoses, Banzai Racing Block Off Kit, Okuyama Carbing Cooling Panel, Super Now Brake/Clutch Cylinder Caps, RE-Amemiya Stainless Clutch Hose, SPAL Electric Fan, Racing Beat REV-TII Turbo-back Exhaust, Racing Beat Stainless Oil Cooler Lines, RE-Amemiya Spark Plug Wires
Exterior:  RE Amemiya Version 2 Front Bumper, RE Amemiya PRO Side Skirts, RE Amemiya PRO CF Rear Diffuser, Shine Auto Project Vortex Generators, Gas Hood Struts, AZRX7 Limited LED Taillights, RE Amemiya Aero Mirrors, APR Racing GTC-200 CF Wing, Raybrig Blue Headlight Housings, IPF LED Headlights, Origin Labo Front Splitters, Origin Labo CF Canards, Proto Front Marker Lenses, H-D Daymaker Fog Lights
Interior:  RX8 Seats, AEM UEGO Wideband, AEM Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge, AEM Digital Boost Gauge, Custom 3 Gauge Pod, Greddy Profec EBC, Pioneer AVIC-X900BT Head Unit, Alpine Type R Component Speakers, Custom Kick Panel Enclosures, Alpine MRF300 4 Channel Amplifier, Alpine MRP500 Mono Amplifier, Kicker 40CWR104 Subwoofer, Greddy Steering Wheel, Works Bell Short Hub, Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release, Works Bell Steering Lock, RMagic Shift Knob, Battery Relocation
Suspension:  Endless Function X+ Coilovers, Okuyama Carbing Type 1 Strut Bar, Racing Beat F/R Sway Bars, Racing Beat Adjustable F/R Sway Bar End Links, Racing Beat DTSS Bushings, Mazda Comp Engine Mounts, Energy Suspension Bushings, Super Now Camber Bar, Super Now Camber Links, Super Now Lateral Links
Wheels, Tires, Brakes:  Rays 57CR 17×9 +22, BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Tires – R: 245/45R17 F: 225/50R17, Rays Duralumin Lug Nuts, Super Now Aluminum Wheel Hubs, Endless 6 Piston Front BBK, Super Now Brake Booster Eliminator, PowerSlot Rear Rotors, Endless MX72 Rear Brake Pads, Endless Stainless Brake Lines

The day Robert Fauci turned 16, he was given an FC by his grandmother.  Since then, he’s worked his way through five or six different RX-7s, all of them FCs and in either coupe or convertible form.  To be clear, the FC is the second-generation RX-7 that was made available between 1985 to 1991.  Knowing this, lets’ just say that Robert can probably take this car apart with his eyes closed.

Fauci wanted a clean slate on a low-mileage chassis to start from. For being near 28 years old, the body was straight enough, and the interior looked like it was pulled from a time capsule.  He found this 1990 and immediately began work. Since then, he’s stripped this car down and built it back up piece-by-piece. One look at his mod list spells it out all out…this baby is far from stock.

This convertible started with the NA engine but was soon replaced with the 13BT rotary engine and drivetrain from the Turbo II.  A bevy of modifications were soon added that essentially turned this rotary into a reliability workhorse.  Near everything surrounding the block has been replaced…from the radiator to the intercooler to the fuel pump and injectors while all of the piping has been treated to a gorgeous blue powder coating. Even the drivetrain has been shaken up thanks to the clutch and flywheel upgrade. Just look at the mod list…it’s chock full of goodies from some incredible parts manufacturers.

Robert’s most proud of his brakes and suspension and rightly so.  The front features enormous Endless 6-piston front BBKs mated with a Super Now Brake Booster Eliminator, and Endless stainless brake lines. The suspension has been totally worked over with Endless Function X+ coilovers, an Okuyama Type 1 strut bar, Racing Beat front and rear sway bars, while a ton of Super Now products have replaced the stock components.

Of course, the exterior hasn’t been ignored and proudly sports RE Amemiya PRO products such as the front bumper with carbon canards, side skirts, and the diffuser.  Shine Auto Project gives a bit of downforce thanks to the vortex generators while an APR Racing GTC-200 CF Wing with custom endplates adds a lot more.  Of special notice, are the gorgeous AZRX7 Limited LED taillights in a star pattern while the H-D Daymaker foglights in the front really set it off.

The interior is practically perfect and has received a smattering of modifications. Of course, there’s a kicking sound system powered by Alpine while AEM provides monitoring through various gauges.  A Greddy Steering wheel is connected via a Works Bell short hub and Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release system.  Even the shifter has been given some love thanks to the RMagic shift knob.  It truly is a beautiful interior that has been well maintained.

All of this rides on track-worthy Rays 57CR wheels set in 17×9 all around.  BF Goodrich G-Force Sport comps provide the rubber for the road while Rays Duralumin lug nuts hold everything place.

For Robert, the “do-it-yourself” aspect is by far the most important factor of his build.  “If I can’t do it, it ain’t gettin’ done…be it paint, wrenching, welding, or even sewing” he says. Needless to say, everything on this car has been done by him. Talk about getting it done.