SP Rides: Going the Distance


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Owner: Tommy Heon
Age: 22
Occupation: Lead installer, Office Furniture Solutions
Hobbies: Videogames, cars, eating out
Color: Pearl White
Exterior:  Seibon carbon fiber FA style hood, Seibon carbon fiber CSL style trunk, Battle Aero chassis mount wing, Battle Aero chassis mount front splitter, Aerowolf end plates, Sickspeed louvers, mudguards, front lip, Tom’s taillights
Interior: custom RED carbon fiber dash trim pieces (one of a kind), NRG Neochrome shift knob, Sounds: dual 10-inch subs CT Sounds
Suspension: Airlift 3P BRZ kit, Performance, Greddy SP Supreme catback, Perrin intake
Wheels/tires: front: Enkei Raijin 18-by-8.5 plus 47, rear: Enkei Raijin 18-by-9.5 plus 47, BFGoodrich 245/40/18 all around, Neochrome lug nuts

 It’s good to have a goal — for Tommy Heon, one of his current goals is to make an impact in the local import scene. It’s not something he set out to do initially. In fact, this 2013 Subaru BRZ was purchased practically stock for A to B purposes.  Of course, the itch hit hard and what soon followed was the urge to splurge.

Currently his daily driver, this BRZ is pulling double duty, but you wouldn’t know by its looks. It’s a lot of show for its go. Visually, this ride is rocking the panda effect with its two-tone affair, thanks to the carbon fiber Seibon hood and trunk. The exterior has been some given some serious love, via a number of physical enhancements, such as the Sickspeed louvers, mudguards and an awesome Battle Aero chassis mount front splitter.

The most serious installation is the incredibly impressive Battle Aero wing that is directly mounted to the chassis. The installation required cutting the bumper — so this modification was all about not going back. Taking the plunge required slicing and dicing, but the end result is definitely making a statement. Custom endplates really set it off as well.

The suspension is a necessary component when you’re rocking visual mods. You also don’t want to tear it all off on an unexpected section of pothole mania. Probably the most expensive portion of his ride is this Airlift 3P BRZ suspension kit. With it installed, Heon can ride high with pride or down low to show. I think it’s a must for any daily-driven show car.

The wheels are an important part of the visuals, so Heon decided to roll with something a little different.  Known for the on-track exploits, Enkei Raijins were chosen in 18-by-8.5 and 18-by-9.5 format. These aren’t a commonly seen set of wheels and the additional Neochrome adds a sort of rainbow brilliance to the interiors. BFGoodrich tires are spread all around.

The interior has been pleasantly modified with some super-secret squirrel stuff. The carbon fiber work is one-of-a-kind. Red Kevlar mixed with the traditional carbon fiber weave allows some serious color to come through in several key locations. The shift knob is from NRG and is of the Neochrome line as well. In addition, dual 10-inch subs were added for some additional “oomph.”

Performance has been mildly modified with a Greddy SP Supreme catback and a Perrin intake. Primarily, it’s just the bolt-ons, but more power is on the way.  For now, it’s all about the show.

Heon’s goal is to enter many more shows. With the amount of blood, sweat and tears put into this ride, this journey will be unfulfilled if he steps away before taking home some gold for his work. That means there’s even more effort to come to make this ride a true showstopper. It’s all about going the distance.