SP Rides: Good Times


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by Michael Kitchens

One of the great things about being an auto enthusiast is that no matter the distance, it’s our passions that bring us together.  Chaz Esposito and his fellow members of Good Times Car Club are perfect examples of how the lowrider family can cover thousands of miles.

Good Times was first established in East Los Angeles on October 23, 1989 by Paul Sanchez, his brother Jesse, and Beto Montenegro.  Together, along with the past and current members, they’ve been established for close to twenty-three years and have slowly made their mark nationally and even internationally with clubs spread throughout the lowrider community.

Known primarily as a family-oriented car club, Good Times finally took up root on Oahu with the help of Fabian Baker.  Introduced to the club over 12 years ago, Fabian and his crew now intend to represent Good Times Hawaii while meeting their strict show requirements.  Fabian believes the most important thing to the club is honesty while Chaz believes that they’re all brothers…down to help each other out in times of need.

Chaz discovered the lowrider community through his early love of bikes.  One thing led to another, and he was soon the proud owner of a Cadillac Coupe de Ville.  His father initially thought he wanted a new car, but was surprised to find that Chaz had his eyes on the 1979 Caddy.  After selling the Coupe, he moved onto a Buick Regal, and immediately started down the path of the lowrider scene, swapping and purchasing cars to fit his growing taste.

He cut his chops on a 1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass, modifying the rear with a simple hydraulic setup.  “I was all stoked with just the back.” he says.  Soon, Chaz met up with Fabian and the rest is history.  Like most lowrider aficionados, he paid his dues…whether getting shot in the face with oil or shocked by a load of batteries, he learned the skills necessary to take this already stunning 1994 Lincoln Town Car to the next level.

Originally found bone stock with only 70,000 original miles, the vehicle was in exquisite shape.  His wife was totally against modifying the vehicle, but then switched it around on him.  “She bought me a hydraulic setup for Father’s Day.” says Chaz.  So the flood gates were opened, and the car went into full mod mode.

This car isn’t made to hop competitively but is more of a street cruiser for the family.  Even so, the car features impressive lowrider modifications including a chrome, competition 2-pump Hoppos 6-battery setup in the trunk.  The spoke rims are color-matched to the gorgeous paint.  The entire car was worked over by the Good Times Hawaii crew which consists of Fabian, Chaz, Garrett, & Raymond who all display their GT shirts with pride.

Chaz isn’t finished with the car yet…like all projects, there’s always one more thing.  Still missing are the trunk panel fabrications, a fresh paint job, and a fully-chromed undercarriage…all of which is an effort to move more towards the show scene.  A unique quality for the crew is that they insist on driving the cars daily…they’re no show queens, that’s for sure.

On the horizon for the club is to expand their membership base while staying true to the Good Times Car Club ethics.  When it comes down to it… “It’s all about having a Good Time.”