SP Rides: Grandpa’s Little Angel


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Name: Timothy Travaso
Age: 58
Occupation: Owner, Flight Crew Motorcycle Repair
Hobbies: Dirt & street bikes, cars, and mopes
Year, Make, Model: 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa
Color: Black
Build: 24″ over stock swing-arm, widened rear rim with a 360 Monster rear tire, Air Rides air suspension, custom stitched “Hayabusa” seat. 1441 custom race motor with aftermarket throttle bodies. Custom paint by Jimmy, striping by Kolin, and body paint by Rayden Travaso.

In many ways, enthusiast vehicles can represent something greater than the machinery that they’re made of.   For some, they are something more, an ideal or vision, or a remembrance for example. In this case, this 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa represents loss and healing for a grandfather whose family means everything.

Timmy Travaso, owner of Flight Crew Motorcycle Repair, originally had this incredible bike built for a customer.  His son, Rayden, built the bike to the customer’s specifications. However, after construction and testing, Timmy knew that this bike was dangerous in the wrong hands thanks to the design of the rear swingarm which extends over 24 inches in length.  For an inexperienced rider, the bike could be deadly.

With concern on his mind, during mid-construction, Timmy convinced his customer to part with it.  After agreement, Timmy continued to finish the bike to his liking.  The rear tire is immense – the norm is a 300, however, he opted for a 360/30 R 18 Vee Rubber Monster.  Per Travaso, the rear tire is always pushing you forward no matter what action you’re taking.  Even when you’re on the freeway, you really have to push the bike into the direction that you need it to go – fighting it the whole way.

The seat leather was custom made on the mainland with Hayabusa stitching, then assembled by Travaso and installed. Rayden painted the deep black exterior, with striping by Kolin and all of it rides on an Air Ride suspension, which allows Timmy to find the perfect height for the ride as well as the parking.  The air tank setup is hidden underneath the rear hump and a drop-kit was also added to the front along with some purple accented “spikes” to get the point across.  Let’s just say that he really has to be careful getting on the bike.

The cycle has a 4-gallon tank as well as aftermarket throttle bodies.  At best guess, the bike is about 250HP and capable of speeds of up to 225mph.  You could cruise at 80mph and roast the tires with a blip of the throttle.  That’s pretty insane especially considering how far away the rear tire sits, with practically no weight over it. It’s a powerful ride capable of immensely dangerous speed.

That’s just the mechanical bits however, as the true power of this ride lies in its symbolism.  For Grandpa Travaso, this bike is dedicated to remembering his granddaughter, Sarai Abordo.  This angel was born to Rick and Nicole, at 6 months at a pound and a half. For 48 days, she was a fighter, but sadly, she passed away surrounded by love.  She touched many in her short time on Earth and her memory is now etched in Timmy’s heart forever.

Travaso feels that he had this bike built for a reason. It’s a scary bike to ride – even with 43 years worth of experience as a rider, Timmy is always on his toes.  However, he now has a Guardian Angel watching over him. His friend, Jimmy, took a moment to paint a beautiful angel upon the fuel tank, just within eyesight of the rider.

“She’s my little angel watching over me.  I feel safer on it.  Now when I ride, we ride together” says Timmy.